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Is it possible? Nature and Economy Together

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 18 Maggio 2009

The Venice Biennale  Preview: June 3rd, 5.00 p.m This exhibition is part of the Collateral Events of the 53rd International Art Exhibition – The Venice Biennale and has the primary objective of reopening the debate on the relationship between Nature and Economics, two very current topics that are of worldwide interest. The Single Exhibition unites two artists whose artistic pursuits have always confronted this theme, in their respective manners, in their highly-esteemed work, which has developed on an international scale for more than 30 years.   Marco Bagnoli’s Nature, broadly understood as the vital, scientific and speculative energy of Mother Nature, asks questions and seeks answers. The visual process inherent in Marco Bagnoli’s work is not revealed by its title: La Parola (come la Colonna ogni parola nel silenzio una colonna) (The Word (Like the Column, Every Word in Silence a Column) 1991-2009, displayed in Thetis’ luxuriant garden, provides a profound comparative analysis of Art as scientific and social spirituality and its relationship to man and the cosmos. The conflict between the internal and the external is the inexpressible secret of art.   The labyrinthine path followed by the viewer renders Parola undefinable; appropriating the “humus”, it interacts with the “topos”, reaching the dimension of the very step itself in the complete freedom of Time.  The viewer will find himself only through his own path. The magical sound reawakens the sleeper, embraces the whole of his nature and directs him towards the light: the dharma of the word. This is not a new experience. Only mystery, the mystery of Parola.


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