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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 33 n° 335

Gas Reductions

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 2 luglio 2009

Rome July 7th 10 a.m. Via di Ripetta 231 Residenza di Ripetta A conference involving speakers from the industry (BASF, DOW, SUMITOMO), from professional organizations, from the IEA, from the European Commission, the Italian government and from the Italian Parliament will be organized on the occasion of the publication of this report.  The report’s objective is to provide reliable, independently reviewed facts and analyses upon which the industry and regulators can base decisions that improve chemicals’ emissions impact. It analyzes the chemical industry’s global GHG emissions “from cradle to grave”, or through the entire life cycle of chemical products and the applications they enable. The chemical industry is the first global industry to embark on this initiative.  Covering 102 products from three regions (USA, Europe and Japan), this report will explain where the chemical products can deliver the most efficient solutions to the reduction of Greenhouse gases. To be efficient, public policy and purchase behaviours have the duty to reach the target. This report provides tools, figures and proposals to find some appropriate solutions in the everyday life, from green tires to insulation foams, from packaging to renewable energies and innovative lightings… Climate change solutions need to be concrete. The aim is to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas Giga tons. But who knows for example what a Giga ton is? A Giga ton (1 billion) is equivalent to 35% of global gasoline combustion emissions (transport). It is also 132 times the amount of CO2 that the first UK large scale Carbon Capture & Storage will be able to sequester (planned for 2015). And it would have been traded in 2008 for EUR 18 billion. In 2005 GHG savings due to chemical products amounted to 5.2 GT: for each unit of emitted GHG because of chemicals production, there are in fact 3 units that are saved during the lifetime of  products. This ratio could be 1:5 if special measures were to be taken.This report and this conference will help to better understand the climate change solutions, and to interview key speakers involved in that matter.


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