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News from Air Charter International (ACI)

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 13 luglio 2009

Dubai, Uae, Air Charter International (ACI), a leading aviation solutions provider in Arabia, Africa, Asia and Asia Pacific announces their commitmen to sourcing world wide Hajj Charters for 2009. Air Charter International has successfully operated Hajj movements since 2003 from Iraq, Afghanistan, Morocco and the Maldives. Hajj movements are commonly difficult to gain permissions for, but years of experience in securing these permissions from remote or hard to reach regions prove that ACI can provide a charter from any destination in the world. Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca, is one of the greatest religious observances in Islam. Historically, people made their pilgrimage to Hajj by camel caravan or ship. It was a dangerous trip that took months, sometimes even years. Today, the journey has changed dramatically with most pilgrims arriving via the Jeddah airport. There are two special Hajj terminals, the largest buildings (by roof area) in the world. These days, providing Hajj movements from any where in the world is a crucial service. Air Charter International has built their reputation on being able to support this globally significant event and is able to source the correct aircraft for locations all over the world. On the significance of Hajj charters Stuart Wheeler, CEO of Air Charter International said: “We realize the religious and personal importance of Hajj and pride ourselves on ensuring the best service for our customers for Hajj 2009. Efficiency and knowledge are our greatest assets and we endeavor,continually, to maintain our service standards.”
Air Charter International (ACI) a leading aircraft charter and leasing company based in Dubai, UAE, has been in operation since 1994 and covers 4-A region, namely: Arabia, Africa, Asia and Asia Pacific. ACI services long and short term aircraft requirements. ACI has also made a strategic move into Aircraft Management through its 100% owned subsidiary: Jet Ops which operates and manages three Cessna 208A Amphibian seaplanes for a commercial tourism operation named Seawings. Seawings provides seaplane operations within the United Arab Emirates. Seawings is the only seaplane sightseeing service in the region, considered a must-do for visitors to Dubai. The resource pool of ACI includes professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds & nationalities with a strong focus on aviation related industry and experience.

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  1. The many benefits of private jet for all clients is the stress-free journey. The good service is a bonus.


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