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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 32 n° 60

CPCE Council meets in the ecumenical city of Geneva

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 6 ottobre 2009

7th General Assembly 20-25 September 2012 in Florence – common position of the CPCE churches on euthanasia in preparation – study process for young ecumenists begins 16-18 October 2009 – consultation on the future of the church fellowship 15-19 September 2010. The Council of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE) met in the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva from 2-4 October. Items on the agenda included the half-time stocktaking between the General Assemblies of Budapest 2006 and Florence 2012. The coming Seventh General Assembly of the CPCE is to take place in the Convitto della Calza conference centre in Florence from 20-25 September 2012. The Council has appointed a working party to prepare for it. The next meeting of the Council in Edinburgh in May 2010 will settle the theme of the General Assembly. The “Specialist Group on Ethics”, the advisory body of the CPCE on ethical questions, has presented the draft of a statement by the Protestant churches in Europe on euthanasia to the Council. One aim of the study is said to be to offer church governments theological orientation and help in political processes. The position will contain concrete examples of how to deal with people in crisis situations. The text is now being sent to the member churches of the CPCE for their reactions. In autumn 2010 there will be a Europe-wide consultation on the topic, to which specialists from the member churches will be invited. After this consultation the text will be published. Under the title “Ecclesia semper reformanda. Ecclesiological considerations on the renewal of the Protestant churches in Europe”, from 16-18 October 2009 in Berlin there will be the start of a study process for young theologians. The consultation process, which will last until 2011, will make a theological analysis of the different processes of church reform in Europe and investigate whether there are possibilities of collaboration. Special attention will be paid to the challenges from charismatic movements on the one hand and increasing secularization on the other. “The question of the shaping of the church is of vital interest for the future of the churches throughout Europe,” remarked the CPCE Co-President Michael Beintker. Financial support will be given to the project by the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland.
The 13-member Council is the executive organ of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE). It meets approximately every nine months. Currently the Council with its representative members is meeting in Geneva from 2-4 October. The next meeting of the Council is in Edinburgh in May 2010.


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