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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 33 n° 338

Global business summit

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 21 marzo 2010

London/ Zurich/ New York. 3 – 5 June 2010. Innovative business leaders, CEOs, senior policy makers and NGOs from around the world will gather in Zermatt, Switzerland for the inaugural Zermatt Summit  It is the first annual business summit of its kind – which will be dedicated to placing the spotlight on the ‘human face of globalisation’ in the current economic crisis.  The turmoil in the global economy has left key decision-makers facing challenges on a myriad of fronts, which has implications for every stakeholder.  Most of them acknowledge that the current economic models are not working and that urgent action is required to change it.  Many feel that placing a band-aid such as further regulation does not tackle the real root of the problem.  Having witnessed the biggest corporate and financial collapses in history, many believe that we now need to encourage the next generation of business leaders to operate under a new and ethical mandate.  This is why it is critical that we influence the hearts and minds of key decision-makers who are responsible for formulating policy in business and government towards responsible leadership, in order to restore stability and identify new opportunities for growth in the world markets.  Business leaders with a strong set of values and principles, can inspire new behaviours and cultures and drive sustainable change.   The main objective of the Zermatt Summit is to formulate a roadmap and focus on three areas :-to revisit the corporate raison d’être of the firm  -to integrate leadership and ethics -to make corporate statesmanship a reality


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