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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 32 n° 312

Fight against piracy

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 19 aprile 2010

The five ships of NATO’s Task Force conducting counter piracy operations have been at the centre of the fight against piracy in the waters off Somalia in recent days.  Operating deep in the Indian Ocean, the Greek warship HS LIMNOS saw action against 3 pirate groups in as many days.  Working closely with Swedish and Luxemburg maritime patrol aircraft operating from the Seychelles, the frigate destroyed 6 pirate attack boats together with all of their weapons and other piracy equipment between 7 and 9 April.  As a result 30 pirates can no longer attack innocent merchant vessels.  In the Gulf of Aden, on 3 April the Turkish frigate TCG GELIBOLU rushed to the assistance of the Danish flagged chemical carrier MV TORM RAGNHILD that was being attacked by 6 pirates with AK 47 rifles and rocket propelled grenades.  On arrival of the warship the pirates quickly re-embarked on their ‘mother-ship’; the hijacked dhow MSF SAFINA AL GAYATRI.  Subsequent actions by TCG GELIBOLU forced the pirates to release the 21 Indian crew unharmed together with the cargo of livestock in the early hours of 4 April, 10 miles to the North East of Boosaaso, the regional capital of Puntland, Somalia. Most recently the NATO Task Force flagship, HMS CHATHAM, has been involved in a 5 day operation to release the Indian dhow VISHVAKAYLAN after intercepting the dhow 100 miles to the North East of Socotra on 6 April. The hijacked dhow, with 8 pirates onboard had been involved in an attempt to capture the merchant vessel MV HAMBURG BRIDGE on 5 April.  The fifth ship of the Task Force, the Italian frigate ITS SCIROCCO, made a brief refuelling stop in the Seychelles following a successful operation on 16 March to release the hijacked Iranian dhow SAAD 1 which had been acting as a mother ship. In addition, Scirocco rescued 3 stranded men who had been adrift at sea without food, water or fuel for 4 days some 250 miles from land.  The warship has now resumed her patrol deep in the Indian Ocean ready to intercept pirate groups making their way out to the shipping lanes.
The NATO Task Force 508 conducting Operation Ocean Shield is one of three coalition task forces operating in the fight against piracy. TF 508 consists presently of five ships:HMS CHATHAM (Flagship – Royal Navy) USS COLE (US Navy) TCG GELIBOLU (Turkish Navy) HS LIMNOS (Greek Navy)   ITS SCIROCCO (Italian Navy)


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