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U.S.A.: Wall Street reform bill

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 29 aprile 2010

Both parties have worked for months crafting a bipartisan Wall Street reform bill. But, just hours ago, Senate Republicans — including Senator Chuck Grassley — voted for a second time to protect their allies on Wall Street and block reform. Maybe they think obstruction is a good political strategy in an election year. Maybe they’re hoping the delay will give bank lobbyists time to water down reform with loopholes and exemptions. But here’s what we know for sure: These Republicans have a lot to explain to the American people. A recent ABC News poll showed that 65 percent support the reforms they just opposed.Sen. Grassley still has time to cross the aisle and stand with Main Street — but to make it happen, Iowa’s voters need to speak out now. With American families struggling in the wake of a crippling financial crisis, they want to know that Washington is doing something to protect consumers from exploitation at the hands of the big banks that got us into this mess. The Senate bill that Republicans are blocking will provide the strongest consumer financial protections in history, while ensuring that American taxpayers are never again forced to bail out a Wall Street firm “too big to fail.” Sadly, instead of working to debate and revise the bill, Republicans in the Senate are teaming up with the big banks. In fact, press reports confirm that Republican leaders have been meeting privately all month with Wall Street executives, plotting to weaken the bill. With their votes, it appears they’re intent on carrying out that plan.But President Obama has made it clear that any reform bill that doesn’t go far enough to rein in the big banks is not acceptable. He’s counting on us to speak up.


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