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Wall Street Reform Day

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 11 Mag 2010

From folks advocating reform on Wall Street in Manhattan, to those calling their neighbors in Ohio, to senators’ offices getting calls from across the country, thousands of OFA supporters in every state spoke out with one voice to demand change. In Greenville, South Carolina, the headline yesterday was about the 50 OFA supporters who attended a “rally to demand Wall Street reforms.” And the Indiana News Center led with “Local Hoosiers ‘Call’ For Wall Street Reform.” Even better? The stories we got from participants. Trisha, in Columbus, Wisconsin, called an elderly neighbor. As she tells it, “I asked him if he’d ever contacted a member of Congress. He said ‘no’ he hadn’t. Then after a short pause he said, ‘Well, just what was that number? I guess there’s a first time for everything. I’ll make that call!'” After meeting in front of the library in Branigan, New Mexico, Evelyn — an OFA Neighborhood Team Leader — said that she and other volunteers “talked to people passing by about the importance of standing up to the power brokers and the lobbyists and the big banks. What I love the most is when you really get to have a conversation and inform someone about what’s really going on — they are so appreciative of getting straight-forward information.” And at an event on Wall Street itself, a volunteer named Erin said that “I am here today to stand up for the everyday people who work and raise families and don’t want to have their lives disrupted as a result of Wall Street’s reckless practices.” Everything you did this week made a difference. That’s why Wall Street reform legislation is picking up steam — there could even be final votes as early as next week. We’ll be in touch soon with more ways you can help push reform through the final stretch. (Jeremy Jeremy Bird Deputy Director Organizing for America)

Una Risposta to “Wall Street Reform Day”

  1. The financial reform law is oriented to protecting consumers, which is good, and cleaning up future spills, which is also good, but what about the very existence of the institutions deemed too big to fail? That is, what about their market/political power? The law leaves them to widen the loopholes.



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