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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 33 n° 335

Online new web-site of Maurizio Zini

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 2 luglio 2010

Maurizio Zini, journalist and a great professional in communication, marketing and organization of major events, renews its web presence, with the new corporate website,, online starting today and realized for provide greater accessibility and availability of information to the end user. The new site has been set up with a linear graphics and modern features, plus a renovated layout, sections and clearly structured information resources, with all links to business activities: the first Meeting of the Ferrari 2004 Easy Rider Vatican in the new Web-TV (, the management of email marketing software solution with Send Miner up to the various official websites of Radio Bruno and Easy Rider Vatican Meeting. Numerous and detailed information about products, services and more innovative solutions conducted by Maurizio Zini Communications: A real guide to select the solution best suited to your needs with great professionalism and competence. The news agency Press Agency-News Easy founded and directed by Maurizio Zini, offers a wide range of services from solution for web strategies integrated communications and event management from planning to marketing B2B and B2C, to get to audio and video broadcast on the major national networks, and the production and management of television, digital signage and DVDs. The restyling of the site in 2010 was dictated by the need to adapt to new web standards, through a back-office structure simple and intuitive – said Maurizio Zini – allows the self-update and real-time content of the multiple. Structure and interface were designed with a totally user-oriented approach, by Daniele Papini of DM News, to make all information easily accessible and facilitate user navigation even in several of my sites with the wrapper technology., a site that, for its structural features and graphics, aiming at the full age of Web 2.0, and has three main objectives: to think users (usability), the relations (publications and blogs company), be in constant work in progress – Maurizio Zini claims – like the original structure of the homepage and some sections, divided into a section devoted to information, services, and various utility and another of pure communication: in this way each section is, at the same time, operating an efficient business tool. Marketing, communication strategy and creativity, the mix of elements that are used to provide competitive solutions. Our services are tailored to ensure a wide visibility in the market, without neglecting the quality of results. The new site is designed to facilitate as much as possible, users navigate with particular attention to the architecture of information and the quality of content and new graphics, we want to communicate that the site also features strong personality, strong ideas and a great ability to interpret the country and the overall context in which we live and work.


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