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“Jared French by Jared French”

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 17 luglio 2010

Paris Galerie Maurizio Nobile 45 rue de Penthièvre,  Opening day: Wednesday 15 September to 27 October 2010 To celebrate his new establishment in Paris, Italian gallery owner Maurizio Nobile will present his inaugural exhibition: “Jared French by Jared French” Italian gallery owner Maurizio Nobile is taking up residence on the Parisian right bank at 45 rue de Penthièvre with an inaugural exhibition devoted to Jared French (1905-1988). Born in the United States, this artist representing the “Magic Realism” movement had adopted Rome as his city of choice. He left behind more than 600 works—paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, engravings, etc. These intimate works reveal with great delicacy the attention Jared French paid to the human being, which he made the central focus of his work. The exhibition entitled “Jared French by Jared French” chronicles his life as an artist from his early days in the 1930s to the end of the 1960s. His drawings with their precise lines are like open windows on an exacerbated sensitivity. Maurizio Nobile will also be showing black-and-white photographs, made for the most part during the period when the artist belonged to the PAJAMA trio consisting of his wife Margaret Hoening and his friend and former lover Paul Cadmus. In the 1940s, Jared French started to produce more symbolic works and learned to paint with the tempera technique, using egg or casein, which became his favorite technique. French’s works are imbued with fascinating mystery. Inspired by those close to him, the figures that inhabit his works display imperturbable serenity and appear to be passed down from ancient Greek statuary and the great masters of 15th century Italian painting, such as Piero della Francesca and Andrea Mantegna. Maurizio Nobile acquired this substantial collection from the Italian heirs of Jared French. The collection, which will be the subject of a publication with Editions Allemandi, is of indispensable value when it comes to understanding the artist’s figurative poetry. Maurizio Nobile will be unveiling a portion of it to punctuate his arrival on the Paris scene.


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