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The Economist this week

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 12 agosto 2010

La rubrica Charlemagne nella sezione Europe: “No boatloads but still trouble” sui dati contrastanti relatici all’ingresso di immigrati clandestini
La storia di copertina “Radical Britain/Britain has embarked on a great gamble. Sooner or later, many other richworld countries will have to take it too”
L’editoriale sull’economia mondiale “Joy, pain and double dips. Fear of renewed recession in America is overblown; so is some of the optimism in the euro area”, dove il settimanale britannico ribalta la prospettiva attuale, vedendo minori preoccupazioni per l’economia US che per quella Europea, dove le aziende non sono ancora tornate alla stabilità.
Editor’s highlights Every now and again one country becomes a form of test-tube for the rest of the West. Suddenly, it is Britain. Within its first 100 days David Cameron’s government  has emerged as a radical force, not just in terms of  budget slashing but rethinking the role of the state.  For the first time since Margaret Thatcher handbagged the world, Britain is daring again-not always in a good way but in one that is likely to be instructive to more timid souls, not least Barack Obama and his Republican foes. Our cover leader on Radical Britain examines this great gamble and argues that other governments will surely have to take it too
Double-dip America? Pessimism is overdone but unemployment will stay high
Australia’s knockabout election It is still a pretty dismal choice
The curse of Hewlett-Packard Sex, expenses – and the challenge of finding a new CEO half as good as Mark Hurd
Swarm intelligence How mimicking the behaviour of ants, birds and bees is a bright thing to do
The genetic-testing industry What we can all learn from Ozzy Osbourne’s DNA


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