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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 32 n° 312

The Economist: oggi è in edicola

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 27 agosto 2010

L’articolo sul nuovo codice della strada italiano nella sezione Europe: Roads to ruin/ An optimistic attempt to impose order on Italy’s roads
– La storia di copertina After Iraq: the limits of American power
– L’editoriale sulle elezioni australiane: When the hat doesn’t fit/Australia’s dead heat election was exciting. But the drama masks a desperately impoverished politics
– L’editoriale sulla disoccupazione in America: A stickier problem/ America’s jobs woes cannot be cured just by waiting for economic recovery
– L’editoriale sul miracolo dell’agricoltura brasiliana: How to feed the world/The emerging conventional wisdom about world farming is gloomy. There is an alternative
– L’articolo di apertura della sezione Europe, dedicato alla politica francese: Tough-guy Sarko/ Drowning in unpopularity and beset by scandal, the French president lashes out at some easy targets
– L’articolo su Zapatero: Losing his grip/Spain’s prime minister faces a minor insurrection within his own party
Editor’s highlights. As Operation Iraqi Freedom, the combat mission that began with the invasion in March 2003, formally comes to an end on August 31st, America can look back on a bruising decade. Our cover leader reflects on Americas role in the world in the aftermath of the misadventure in Iraq, and at a time when, as our briefing on the cost of weapons explains, defence spending has to adjust to an age of austerity. Barack Obama has a keener sense than his predecessor of the limits of American power. But there are some global jobs that America alone has the mix of military, economic and diplomatic muscle to undertake. And for all the difficulties at home, the fact remains that the biggest gainer from a strong America abroad is America itself. Mr Obama seems to understand that.
Brazils farm miracle How to feed the world [Leader and briefing]
Australias electionThe dead-heat drama masks a desperately impoverished politics [Leader and Asia lead note]
Israeli entrepreneurs MBAs are for wusses
Jonathan Franzens new work A great American Novel
An obituary of Bill Millin Piping in D-Day  (the economist)


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