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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 33 n° 348

Rico Scagliola – Michael Meier: Hypnôse

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 5 novembre 2010

Basel until 31/12/2010 Erlenstrasse 15, Nicolas Krupp Setting up your life today primarily involves pictures: the garnishing of your own personality, the goals you are aiming at for the future, the secret wishes you want to fulfill and the arrangement of how your new garden furniture should harmonise with the freshly put in pond. These all depend on pictures, on the style with which we want to affirm our presence in this world. The picture is not IN the room anymore, the picture IS the room. Not any symbol or something that is referring to reality. Nothing which you contemplate from a distance, but a second world which equates with our reality that grew together with our vision of life and our wishes.
The assimiliation to the pictorial language of the illustrated person and popcultural influences is decisive for our work. Our artistic apporach is not the one of a distanced authorship. The personal images and world of images in which the portrayed people move are integrated in our view as a fix element. Even we ourselves are included as models: we work on prevalent forms of self-expression in videos and self-portraits, as for instance in the video „Eroticum“. In this we use our bodies as a surface of erotic self-expression in HD-quality.Thus, a storage of visual set-pieces has been developed with which we set up the coming exhibition in the gallery Nicolas Krupp. Film projections and digital photo prints mix with installation-based elements. The picture becomes a setup element of awareness and the social environment of the human. At the same time it becomes a place of representation and retreat. (12888681)


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