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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 32 n° 53

Consultation on Poverty

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 10 novembre 2010

Budapest.  In the opening speech of the conference H.E. Metropolitan Emmanuel of France, President of CEC, stressed that: ‘”Economic liberalism that was self regulatory before, has arrived at the limit of its expression… There is a crisis of values that places man in front of his own responsibilities, as a person in relation and as a person in relationship.” Churches cannot stand outside of this process, there is active role that churches have to undertake in responding to challenges coming to us from the society we are living in. “We have to promote the development of a new lifestyle, while getting rid of the pressures of the economy and consumerism; we must focus on an ethics of responsibility for our life, conducive to sustainable development.  Faith and works are intimately related,” underlined Metropolitan Emmanuel.  During its opening day, the conference was adressed by Mr Imre Nyitrai, Deputy State Secretary in the Ministery of National Resouces of the Hungarian government. In his presentation, he outlined the strategy of the Hungarian government for addresing poverty. Mr. Nyitrai stressed that there is a close link between employment and poverty. “Particular attention has to be given to child poverty and to do all that is possible to stop the intergenerational transfer of poverty.”  A strong social engagement of the churches is expected. “In particular in contributing to social services, in helping victims of natural disasters and in providing necessary education,” emphasised Mr Nyitrai.
In the theological elaboration of the theme of the conference, Prof. Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, Univertsity of Bamberg, concluded: “It is not only the Bible but also the teachings and great traditions of our churches that speak a clear language concerning the very moral basis of economic activity. The goal of economy is for a just participation for all members of society.”


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