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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 33 n° 244

Transfer of students

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 22 novembre 2010

The Community of Protestant Churches in Europe CPCE aims to reach a comprehensive agreement on common principles for the training of ministers on the 105 member churches of the CPCE. Representatives of 23 Protestant churches from 16 European countries participated in a consultation in Vienna from 18-21 November 2010. The consultation elaborated a draft paper and agreed on the following final communiqué: It is important to work towards common standards in theological education which facilitate the transfer of students from one educational establishment to another within Europe, mutual recognition of educational achievements, compatibility of different educational paths, as well as the exchange and acceptance of ministers from other CPCE churches.  It needs to be said more strongly than before theological graduates should be able to integrate the various disciplines of theology. The perspectives of biblical studies, church history, systematic theology and practical theology should be more clearly related to each other. There should be a stronger interdisciplinary component in all areas of education. The draft emphasizes the relevance importance of continuing professional development of ministers. In a contemporary context, there needs to be a clear educational goal and church support. To achieve this, the CPCE has the potential to offer suitable opportunities: pan-European exchange programmes for continuing education, an international institute for continuing ministerial education, and the development of multilateral partnerships for programmes for continuing education. Furthermore, suitable instruments of coordination need to be established. Studies abroad as part of academic education are already a matter of course in many churches of the CPCE, but this opportunity should be more extensively promoted and taken up. Ministers in training should also be given the opportunity to complete part of their church based training in another member church of the CPCE. Another goal is the temporary exchange of ministers. Long term transfer of ministers from one member church to another will be facilitated, if there are programmes that help them to become familiar with their new context. It is intended that, by January 2011, the paper will have reached a state in which it can be sent to the member churches of the CPCE and their institutions of theological training for their responses. The paper will be given its final form on the basis of these responses to be presented to the General Assembly in Florence in 2012.


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