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Society’s views of older women

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 5 marzo 2011

A unique series of exhibitions, which form part of a project aiming to challenge the stereotypes surrounding ageing women, are set to open in Sheffield next week (9 March 2011), marking the centenary of International Women’s Day. The project, entitled ‘Look at me! Images of Women and Ageing,’ is being led by a team of researchers from the Universities of Sheffield and Derby, by Eventus, a Sheffield-based cultural development agency, and by photographer Rosy Martin. The project has taken a new approach to finding out how older women feel about their representation in the media and society. The exhibitions will feature images created by local women, who were invited to participate in a series of creative group workshops held in Sheffield.  After investigating stereotypical images of ageing women, the messages these images give out and how they affect women´s well-being, the project facilitators encouraged the women to create new and alternative images using photography, art therapy and video techniques. The results of this have formed the material for the exhibitions. The researchers are now inviting members of the public to respond to the images they see in the exhibitions to find out if there is any public appetite for images which offer an alternative view on ageing. The exhibitions have been curated by Alison Morton of Museums Sheffield.Dr Lorna Warren, from the Department of Sociological Studies at the University of Sheffield, and Project Director, said: “The exhibition captures the power of the collective use by women of their own bodies as a medium for representing their everyday experiences of ageing. This is not a cosy exhibition of images for the mantelpiece. From the mundane to the magnificent it is instead a very honest, sometimes challenging, sometimes humorous display of images showing women exploring their own feelings about being or becoming ‘older women.’ Shirley is 57 and when asked to pick an object to represent herself, she chose a red high heeled shoe.


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