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Charles Matton Enclosures

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 2 settembre 2011

London, Press View 8th September 6 – 7pm Private View 8th September 7 – 9pm Open 9th September – 7th October 2011 Tuesday-Sunday 10 – 6pm All Visual Arts, 2 Omega Place. AVA (All Visual Arts) is proud to present the first major retrospective of French artist Charles Matton. Thirty undiscovered boites or enclosures will be installed in a specially constructed labyrinth in Kings Cross. From 1985 until his death in 2008, Charles Matton created mixed media works which defy easy classification. Theatrical, atmospheric, meticulously constructed, his small scale interiors are housed in see through boxes with glass fronts. The miniature spaces represent real world interiors and revisited memories from Matton’s own life, as well as other recognizable places such as Francis Bacon’s studio, or the library of his close friend Jean Baudrillard. The artist also fabricated interiors from his imagination, intended to recreate cherished sensations, such as the loneliness felt in an abandoned hotel corridor or the intimacy of a forgotten and disused library.
Matton and his assistant painstakingly hand-built, painted and sculpted every visible detail to 1/7 scale, from fading wallpaper to broken light sockets. Many of his enclosures of famous artist’s studios: Vermeer, Bacon, Rembrandt, Velasquez, Giacometti, Hopper and Courbet are such direct representations that viewing these boites is almost like making a journey through time. Matton reconstructed the room in which Paul Bowles died as well as Freud’s study, with his personal art collection displayed exactly as it would have been on his desk in 1910, lit by the wintry sun of a February afternoon.
All Visual Arts (AVA) is a new hybrid arts enterprise founded by art expert Joe La Placa and Mike Platt in October 2008. AVA’s goal is to build a major collection of contemporary art by representing and commissioning new work by today’s most exciting international developing artists. (matton)


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