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President Obama’s Green Assault on Jobs

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 3 settembre 2011

Aerial view of the White House in Washington, D.C.

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Green jobs have been the great – and since failed – hope of both the White House and environmental pressure groups. Now with President Obama slated to present a major jobs plan to a joint session of the Congress this coming Thursday, September 8 amidst a sluggish economic recovery, we are sadly going to hear more of the same Green and “clean energy economy” rhetoric. The reality is quite different. For example, just this week, solar panel manufacturer Solyndra announced that its shuttering its doors, eliminating 1,100 jobs in the process. This after a heralded visit to the company from President Obama himself and $535 million of our hard-earned tax dollars in loan guarantees. The iconic Tennessee-based guitar maker Gibson Guitars recently experienced a raid by armed agents from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The agents were looking for wood used in the manufacturing of the company’s legendary six strings on the disputed belief that the wood sources were not considered environmentally correct.
The raid by the Obama Feds is all the more ironic considering that for years Gibson has worked hand in glove with far left Green organizations in an effort to make sure their wood comes from “approved” sources. Gibson is a partner in Greenpeace’s “Music Wood” campaign. It was one of the first instrument makers to procure wood that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), another anti-consumer extremist organization dating back to 1996. By 2006, more than 42% of Gibson USA’s wood originated from FSC certified sources, while the company has set a target to increase that share to 80% by 2012. Gibson’s CEO previously sat on the board of Rainforest Alliance. Gibson’s CEO loudly protested the raid, but unfortunately all of this consorting with environmentalists has only resulted in government jackboots kicking down doors and bad-mouthing from environmentalists. Gibson’s partners in the environmental movement operate in bad faith. At the end of the day, Green activists are fundamentally hostile to free enterprise and private property. No amount of caving to their demands will placate them.
Shoe companies Puma, Adidas and Nike were just three of 14 global clothing brands accused by Greenpeace of sourcing fabric from developing nations. The accusations stem from a concerted effort by Greenpeace to shame the world’s largest clothing companies into sourcing fabric with no hazardous chemicals, although the toxin in question – nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE) – is not listed by the Philippines as a hazardous chemical. This matter is therefore for national regulatory regimes to manage, not anti-business NGOs. Puma and Nike in response capitulated and agreed to overhaul their supply chains by 2020. Adidas opted to gauge its competitors’ views regarding an industry-wide solution rather than immediately cave to Greenpeace’s baseless pressure, a move welcomed by Greenpeace. Worse, Adidas caved to Greenpeace’s campaign as acknowledged in a recent statement. The company stated, “the adidas Group has together with other brands been working tirelessly in recent weeks to bring the industry together in a forum to develop a roadmap that will address the ‘zero discharge’ challenge that Greenpeace has posed.” The fact that Adidas has endorsed Greenpeace’s anti-business and unrealistic extreme environmentalist agenda is a disappointing development for the company’s consumers.


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