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Marketing strategy

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 29 settembre 2011

Global Communications Getting Social Unconference

Image by Dell's Official Flickr Page via Flickr

Chicago, Il, USA. The Global B2B Communications marketing/PR planning uses high-level mathematical tools to help measure and gauge the highest returns-on-investment for online marketing tactics to reach global niche markets. These web competitive analysis tools give readings of a company’s unique competitive landscape on the web in relation to the market niches their company targets worldwide. When needed, the Global B2B Marketing Mix tips also outline off-line marketing tactics available for greater global impact. The 10-step process used by Global B2B Communications to guide companies’ in-house efforts to complete the optimal 2012+ marketing strategy includes:
1) data and findings from high-powered search engine optimization tools for web competitive analysis for a selected keyphrase vs. less competitive terms that a web competitive analysis demonstrates are not as effective even if more popular;
2) demonstration of how to overtake competitor websites for traffic and rankings for that selected keyphrase in a step-by-step manner;
3) assessing relative importance and strengths of off-page (links) to on-page website optimization factors;
4) a preliminary review and report by highly trained search engine optimization consultants as to whether resources need to be devoted to re-working web site code to make the company site more visible to search engines and/or cost-projections of migrating current web designs to more search engine friendly web frameworks such as WordPress, or whether to build additional country-specific domains;
5) rewrite demonstration of a web page using math tools that transform personalized search algorithms from obstacles to competitive advantages to enable companies to compare before and after content and the before/after web development results viewed with in-house Google analytics;
6) suggested online and print publications to pursue with variety of PR tactics and tools (blogs and on online publications, post articles, white papers, news releases, etc.) help overcome obstacles some companies face in reaching certain market niches due to search engines’ local search algorithms and intrinsic challenges these create to reach prospects far from home;
7) intelligence and metrics from web competitive analysis software to identify page one competitors for a particular search term that can be surpassed in the shortest timeframe; 8) systems assessment of fit for in-house vs. outsourced assistance with Google advertising, display ads and other online advertising;
9) recommendation on web marketing courses that match skill set of in-house marketing management and/or web teams;
10) and listings of potential lead sources available through mining Twitter, Linked In and other business-oriented social media. Optional add-ons available for select companies upon request are recommendations for videos to assist viral marketing and/or overall company communications plan, and/or best-match list sources and testing methods for direct email campaigns.“

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