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2012 Presidential Election

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 10 ottobre 2011

Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...

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Florence Villa La Pietra, Via Bolognese 120, October 12 from 9:00am to 6:00pm New York University Florence will host the US Politics: Towards 2012 international conference at Villa La Pietra on Wednesday,. Some of the world’s most influential political minds will be brought together to discuss the state of the U.S. Republican and Democratic parties, Barack Obama’s campaign for reelection, transatlantic trends, and the current economic crisis. Panelists include: Paul Begala, a close advisor to Bill Clinton and one of the most important political commentators on American television; Steve Schmidt, the chief strategist for the McCain-Palin Presidential campaign and public relations expert; Robert Shrum, former advisor to Al Gore, John Kerry, Edward Kennedy and Bill Clinton, and Senior Fellow NYU Wagner School of Public Service; Nicole Bacharan, historian, political analyst, and radio and television consultant, contributor to Le Monde and renowned transatlantic relations expert on French television;Christopher Caldwell, columnist for the Financial Times and senior editor at The Weekly Standard; Guiliano Da Empoli, Deputy Mayor for Culture, City of Florence; Bruce Haynes, Republican political and public affairs strategist; Rogan Kersh, professor of public policy and associate Dean for academic affairs at the NYU Wagner School of Public Service; Steve McMahon, Democratic political advisor, public affairs strategist and media consultant for Howard Dean’s infamous 2004 Presidential campaign; Marylouise Oates, author and activist; Mario Calvo-Platero, journalist, US Editor Il Sole 24 Ore; Claudius Wagemann, professor at NYU Florence, lecturer at Istituto Italiano di Scienze Umane. “Since Barack Obama’s victory in 2008, we’ve watched the United States’ political landscape shift,” explains Ellyn Toscano, Executive Director of NYU Florence. “Entering this election, the US is facing the fervor of the Tea Party Movement, an uncertain economy, and a political system divided along strict partisan lines. What will 2012 hold? We are anxious to hear the views and predictions of our speakers.” The conference is part of New York University’s La Pietra Dialogues. The Dialogues aim to renew and refocus the transatlantic relationship by convening conversations with world leaders, politicians, intellectuals, academics, journalists, artists and business leaders around some of the most vexing and urgent policy questions that face Europe and the United States.


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