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Paris celebrates Hemingway 50th anniversary

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 23 novembre 2011

Paris, (France) December 15th–January 30th, 2012Boutique Montblanc 7 rue de la Paix Bobo Ivancich Presents Exhibition on View:  Private Opening Reception: Wednesday, December 14th, 6:30-9:00 PM’The thin red line’ puts together Hemingway, Woody Allens’s movie ‘Midnight in Paris’ and Bobo Ivancich – the both artist and painter who interpreted as its best the writer’s life. Those who watched Allen’s movie will surely remember one of the characters, Adriana, representing Adriana Ivancich. She used to be Bobo’s aunt, and also the woman Hemingway was in love with, same woman he wrote the book ‘Across the river and into the trees’ for. Adriana was very talented in arts as well: hers most of the drawnings in the frontbooks of Hemingway’s.
Bobo Ivancich lives and works between New York and Venice. An eclectic artist, in his early years, Ivancich found his major expression in abstract work and performance” art, then in conceptual works, turning lately to hyper-realism and digital art. He has partecipated in several exhibitions around the world: New York, Miami, London, Pechino, Rome; in 2011 Bobo Ivancich has partecipated in the 54th Venice Biennale, International Art Exhibition, Italian Pavilion.(Hemingway)


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