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American Scott Ragsdale within touching distance of unique feat

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 30 novembre 2011

United Arab Emirates

Image by saraab™ via Flickr

Sharjah, UAE, Former Omaha, NE resident and University of California at Berkeley graduate Scott Ragsdale is attempting to successfully complete seven iron-distance triathlons in seven days across the seven major cities of the United Arab Emirates this week.If successful, Ragsdale will have covered a distance of almost 950 miles – the equivalent of travelling from New York to Jacksonville FL, where he attended The Bolles School. Given the amount of energy he will be expending, food and liquid intake is all-important if he is to successfully complete the week-long challenge.With the demands that naseba seven presents Scott must consume between 9,000 and 11,000 calories every day – four times what the average man should (2,500 calories) to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is because he is burning around 10,000 calories with each day of the challenge – and if he only consumed 2,500 calories – would result in him losing almost three pounds in body weight per day. To illustrate just how much Ragsdale is eating, a female American black bear, which can grow to more than one-and-a-half metres tall and weigh up to 240 pounds, gets through on average 15,000 calories per day.Meals are controlled and specifically structured. His breakfast consists of muesli with warm milk, toast with syrup, energy bars, coffee and water. During each race day he will get through carbohydrate powder mixed with weight gainer, carbohydrate gel, electrolytes and minerals, salt sticks, muesli bars, two bananas and oranges, slices of bread with chocolate spread, pancakes, waffles and at least 5 litres of water.His diet has been designed by his coach, Austrian Mario Huys – a professional coach with more than 30 years’ expertise in sports and fitness. He is a former professional triathlete and 42 times Ironman finisher and has trained gold medallists, Ironman winners and duathlon champions. Once Scott has completed each day’s three disciplines of swimming, cycling and running, he will tuck in to pasta, fish, red meat and BCAA acid – and then eat once again two hours later. It then all starts again the following morning at 5.30am with breakfast.


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