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Italy 2012 Marketing Courses –Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 30 novembre 2011

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Italian companies and web professionals seeking up-to-date information on how today’s global search engines work and how it affects successful marketing both locally and worldwide—online and off-line, can now find one or more classes matched to their skillset being offered in Italy by associates of Global B2B Communications. Classes range from ½ day to 5 day course offerings and range in prices from 300$ – 2495$ US. Discounted privately held classes covering the same content and with custom modifications, as well as live online course instruction options are also being offered to select companies, organizations, and other groups such as trade organizations in Italy where appropriate and when available.To pre-register for one or more classes in Italy and to receive updates on class calendar developments visit the Global Class Calendar Updates Sign-Up Page or write to B2B Communications’ 2012 Web Marketing Class Roster includes:
Web Basics:-“How to be an Intelligent Buyer of Web Marketing Expertise”, ½ -day course designed for business owners and C-Level managers tasked with sourcing either in-house or outsourced website development. Instructor: Michael Marshall.
“Web Marketing Do Nots—Learning from the Mistakes of Others”, ½ – day course geared especially for companies outside North America but appropriate for any organization that is creating a website for the first time or undertaking its first website re-design and development. Instructor: Amy Munice“Website Weekend”, two-day course designed for entrepreneurs with ideas for new business start-ups and owners, marketing or communications managers of existing businesses that seek low-cost and easy-to-launch professional looking websites capable of bringing new products or service offerings to market in short order and expanding as the business grows. Instructor: Amy Munice and others t.b.a.
Marketing PR Courses:“Global PR with Circa 2012 Search Engines in Mind”, ½-day course designed for business owners, C-Level managers, and communications specialists for companies that sell products or services worldwide or in more than one continent. Class provides overview and case study examples of how search engines create new opportunities and returns-on-investment for various PR tools and tactics. Instructor: Amy Munice“How to Use Web Competitive Analysis Tools to Develop both Online and Off-line Marketing Strategies”, two-day course designed for business owners and C-Level managers with responsibility for business strategy, lead generation or marketing. Attendees can opt to bring their company’s list of marketing objectives to the class to supplement the case studies presented in the course. Instructor: Amy Munice
“Using Mathematics for SEO Copywriting”, one-day tutorial including case study examples and re-writing of existing web pages either found online or brought by attendees. Instructor: Amy Munice
Social Media Courses:“Introduction to Social Media Tools and Functions”, ½ -day course designed for business owners and C-Level managers by the editor of UK’s “New Media Knowledge” magazine and professor at London’s Westminster Business School. This course broadly analyzes a range of social media tools for communication and collaboration. Instructor: Magda David Hercheui, PhD.
“Social Media and Organizational Change”, ½ -day course designed for business owners and C-level managers discussing how the new paradigm of user-generated content requires organizational transformation. Based on case studies, this course explores best-practices in using social media for communication and collaboration within organizations and across organizational boundaries. Instructor: Magda David Hercheui, PhD.
“Workshop on Social Media for Organizations”, 1-day course designed for business owners and C-level managers to learn how to use different social media in their businesses. Through case study examples attendees will learn how to combine social media tools to design better business strategies for communication and collaboration. Instructor: Magda David Hercheui, PhD.“Workshop—Finding YOUR social network”. One-day course. Private tutorial workshops for organizations to guide design of social networking strategies, including identifying priority social networks from the millions of global possibilities that are best-match targets as well as planning dynamic communication models that will be most beneficial to help meet organizational challenges and goals. Instructor: Magda David Hercheui, PhD.
AdWords Cours“AdWords Basics: Introduction to Online Advertising”, one-day course designed for any/all individuals whose work involves implementing, sourcing or supervising Google advertising or other pay per click online advertising campaigns—bringing you NEWLY RELEASED information from the 2012 Edition of Google AdWords for Dummies, by the author and original and definitive authority on web advertising. Instructor: Howie Jacobson, PhD.“How to Set up an AdWords Campaign:Intermediate AdWords Instruction”, one or two day course options, for those who have attended “AdWords Basics” introductory class or have managed AdWords campaigns that were low return-on-investment, again based on NEWLY RELEASED information from the 2012 Edition of Google AdWords for Dummies, by the author and definitive authority on web advertising. Instructor: Howie Jacobson, PhD.“Advanced Online Advertising:The Hero’s Journey”, 1 or 2-day course designed for graduates of beginning and intermediate online advertising courses and/or experienced AdWords managers working either in-house or as professional online advertising consultants covering advanced techniques for optimizing AdWords campaigns. Focus is on advanced techniques beyond the scope of the 3rd edition of (December, 2011 release) of Google AdWords for Dummies. Instructor: Howie Jacobson, PhD.
SEO Courses:“Introduction to Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization”, 2-day course designed as an appropriate introduction to web marketing for both strategic marketing managers of small and medium-sized businesses and those with day-to-day responsibilities for online marketing. Instructor: Michael Marshall.“Web Competitive Analysis: Advanced SEO”, 3-day course designed for web professionals and C-Level Marketing executives directing online marketing initiatives who are in need of updated knowledge on how 2012 search engines work and how to use math-based linguistics tools for competitive advantages. Instructor: Michael Marshall.
“A-Z—Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization – Master Level”, 5-day course combining Introduction to Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization and Web Competitive Analysis: Advanced SEO courses. Appropriate for any in-house manager of website development, professional web developers, online video producers, search engine optimization consultants, SEO copywriters, and others who require detailed up-to-date information on web marketing. Note: Also accredited for college level by University of Mississippi in USA. Instructor: Michael Marshall.“Howto Marry Pay Per Click and SEO”, 1 or 2 day course designed for hands-on managers of web marketing initiatives at all skill levels, covering how to use data and insights from online advertising to accelerate website conversions both before SEO initiatives are started and as mid-course corrections. Instructors: Howie Jacobson, PhD and Michael Marshall. For more information on various course syllabi, prices and pre-requisite knowledgebase suggested for class attendees visit Overview of Global B2B Marketing Instruction Courses or contact Amy Munice at +872-222-7361 (+872-B2B-SEO1) or write amy (at )

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