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Have the Greens Heard of “Presumption of Innocence?”

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 14 dicembre 2011

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The Gibson Guitar saga continues to raise the ire of radical environmental groups. This is partly because of Gibson’s willingness in the past to go along with their Green agenda. But it’s also to do with the profile of the case. In the past few weeks this has reached fever pitch. A Wall Street Journal opinion column that criticized the Lacey Act and described the Gibson Green shakedown has drawn scathing criticism from former Greenpeace staffer and campaigner Glenn Hurowitz. Hurowtiz implies that court filings from U.S. Fish and Wildlife accusing Gibson of importing illegal timber are all the evidence that is needed to string up Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz as an environmental pariah.This is typical Green logic: make the accusation and destroy the reputation, regardless of whether any laws have actually been broken. Gibson’s response to the allegations has been to point out that the wood in question was mislabelled by the exporters. Memo to Hurowitz: In the U.S., we have a thing called “presumption of innocence.” Gibson hasn’t been found guilty of breaking any laws yet. Hurowitz would do well to remember that the lobbying by him and his colleagues to make importing illegal timber a crime means that these accusations are now assessed in a court of law – not by Green lobbyists and their cronies.


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