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Single work and residence permit for non-EU workers

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 14 dicembre 2011

UAC workers sparks

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Third country migrants working legally within the EU will enjoy common rights, similar to those of EU nationals, as regards working conditions, pensions, social security and access to public services, under a new “single permit” law passed by Parliament on Tuesday. The directive will also enable foreign workers to obtain work and residence permits via a single procedure. Member States will have two years to adapt their national laws to the new rules.The “single permit” directive complements other measures on legal migration, such as the blue card, and is designed to facilitate such migration where it meets the needs of the EU labour market.In a debate on Monday, rapporteur Véronique Mathieu (EPP, FR) commented: “The single permit directive will allow us to deal to a degree with the shortage of European labour. It will also facilitate the checks and balances involved in migratory flows. It is much better to have legal migration and remove any kind of incentive to illegal or clandestine measures. The new rules will simplify the permits for both residence and work and will allow third country nationals to enjoy the same rights as workers in the EU. Workers’ rights are at the heart of this directive.” These rules do not affect EU countries’ power to decide whether or not to admit non-EU workers or how many to admit, but they will have to decide within four months on whether to grant single permit applications. The proposed directive will reduce red tape for third-country nationals, by enabling them to obtain both work and residence permits in a Member State via a single procedure. It will allow a single permit application to be filed by the third-country national or by his or her employer in the EU.


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