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“Hear Freedom Ring”

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 18 dicembre 2011

La Jolla, California Rainband Records with great pride and passion announces the much anticipated release of its dynamic new single “Hear Freedom Ring”. This riveting song is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, CD Baby, and many other online music stores. This is a revolutionary song which transcends cultural boundaries and incorporates lyrics in such international languages as Farsi and Arabic! “Hear Freedom Ring” is an anthem not only for a world-wide revolution, but a distinctly Middle Eastern movement. It is a powerful melody that bespeaks to the victims and survivors of tyranny and uses music as a powerful instrument for social change in the Arab World. It actively promotes peace in chaotic mid-east countries desperately seeking transformation from dictatorship. Above all, this song was created to empower and uplift people and cultures that are denied real freedom. Created as a response to the horrific injustices witnessed in recent uprisings in the Near East, this song captivates its listeners with remarkably honest and soulful lyrics. It is sure to become a break-out hit all over the globe, with its melodic and skilled musicianship. This song could become a voice for our generation and an agent for international unity; inciting important political changes worldwide, exposing social injustices, and relying on technology (the internet) to transform cultural connections and interactions. This release also serves as a re-launch for the Rainband Records label, promoting an innovative 21st century approach to running a record and music publishing company. When Jim Stajdel started his label in 1996, downloads, MP3 files, Ipods, Itunes, and Facebook were nonexistent. Now, with the music industry undergoing its biggest technological transformation in history, Mr. Stajdel is seizing this perfect opportunity to utilize music in reuniting the world in its search for justice and freedom. Watch the Song on Youtube : “Hope has two beautiful daughters: Courage and Anger. Anger at the way things are and courage to make them the way they ought to be.”

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