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Hungary: it’s time to act and abide by EU rules and values

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 21 gennaio 2012

José Manuel Barroso

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Concerns about the fate of democracy, freedom and the rule of law in Hungary were voiced by many MEPs in a heated debate with Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Commission President José Manuel Barroso on Wednesday. The decision to start legal action against Hungary over the compatibility of its new laws with EU rules was welcomed by a majority, but some MEPs felt that this did not go far enough, and called for a “fundamental rights check”.”Let me be absolutely clear: all Member States must comply with the rules of the Treaty. This goes for Hungary as it goes for any other Member State”, said Danish Minister for European Affairs, Nicolai Wammen, speaking on behalf of the Council.The Danish presidency supports the Commission’s role as guardian of the treaties and welcomes its legal assessment, the minister said. “This is the basis on which the next steps should be taken” and “we expect Hungary to comply with EU treaties and laws”, he concluded. Mr Orbán thanked Parliament, as the “home and heart of democracy”, for enabling him to report first-hand on Hungary’s experience. In 2010, Hungary had been “on the brink of economic collapse” he said, with many people living off state funds and paramilitary groups taking to the streets. Wholesale reforms, in line with EU values and principles, were urgently needed to reduce public debt, get the paramilitaries off the streets, and protect all minorities, he said, citing structural reforms in local government, the judiciary, education and health care, pensions and welfare. The sheer scope of these reforms meant they were bound to give rise to debate. However, the issues raised by the Commission had nothing to do with constitution as such, but merely with transitional provisions, which should be relatively straightforward to rectify, he said, urging MEPs to “please support transition and transformation” in Hungary.
Hungarian citizens elected Mr Orbán by a large majority in 2010 “with a clear mandate: cut ties with all the political trends from the past and reform the country”, the last Eastern European country to have kept “a Stalinist constitution”, said Joseph Daul (EPP, FR). Although the new laws were adopted by an elected parliament, there are, however, concerns as to their compatibility with EU law, he continued.

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  1. I always was concerned in this subject and still am, thanks for posting .


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