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‘Cancer Drug Market Will Reach $75 Billion in 2012’ visiongain Report Predicts

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 28 febbraio 2012

London (PRNewswire) A new report by visiongain predicts that the world market for cancer-treating drugs will reach $75 billion for 2012. That revenue forecast appears in Leading Anti-Cancer Drugs and Associated Market 2012-2022, published in February 2012. Visiongain is a business information provider based in London, UK.The new study predicts that overall revenues for anti-cancer treatments will increase strongly from 2012 to 2022. Individual drugs will benefit too. Roche will continue to be the leading company in the cancer-treating drugs market throughout the study’s forecast period. Through emerging technologies and increasing demand in developed and developing countries, the future of cancer treatments holds great promise. That revenue growth will be mainly owing to the worldwide increase in cancer incidence and prevalence. New opportunities for cancer treatment exist, with high sales likely from many drugs – small-molecule products and biological agents (biologicals) – to 2022. Also, R&D pipelines in oncology are strong, including those for monoclonal antibodies (MAbs).The visiongain pharmaceutical industry analyst at visiongain, said, “Although oncology is one of the most researched areas of medicine, there remain un-met and under-met treatment needs. There is a need for well targeted therapies with better safety and efficacy. It is crucial that anti-cancer drugs have minimal side effects, so that the quality of patients’ lives can be enhanced. Pharma companies will further explore this field, making therapeutic progress this decade. In particular, companion diagnostic tests with drugs will help in cancer treatment, giving more-personalised, better-targeted medicine.”


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