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The features available today

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 15 marzo 2012

Clearvale Social Analytics – two critical elements of successful enterprise social networking adoption are measurement and incentivizing participation. New Clearvale Social Analytics provide visibility and metrics organizations need to develop and nurture an active enterprise social network. BroadVision has developed a unique set of metrics designed to measure network usage and assess the value of contribution:
Connectivity: Measures the people or communities with which each network member interacts
Activity: Measures contribution of each network member Popularity: Measures the value of contribution of each network member Dashboards at the member and network levels provide at-a-glance visibility into these key metrics. Network administrators can set targets for the various metrics, enabling the use of contests or incentives to boost participation. Task enhancements – a number of enhancements were made to the Task feature to better support business workflows and social processes, including the ability to designate different Task types. Task types help distinguish a review from an approval or a directive versus a consultation to let assignees better prioritize their work and to maintain a record of important approvals as an audit trail. Task creators can also now set task reminders and more. Integration with Microsoft SharePoint – integration with Microsoft SharePoint facilitates social collaboration around SharePoint content while maintaining SharePoint’s status as a system of record for documents. Other updates – the release also includes an updated iPhone/iPad app with quick access to Tasks, new and enhanced APIs, and improved search. “Too often, organizations think that adopting social networking within the enterprise is an additional burden, and as a result projects get delayed or sidetracked indefinitely. But quite the opposite is true,” said Dr. Pehong Chen, Chairman, President, and CEO of BroadVision. “The key is to time-shift from chasing endless email trails or attending senseless status meetings to performing the same work in a collaborative network. To enable that time shift, the enterprise social networking platform chosen must support existing business tasks, processes, and systems. With this release, Clearvale does it all.” In a separate announcement today, BroadVision announced the availability of Guest and Conduit features in Clearvale for collaboration across multiple enterprises.


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