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Edinburgh BioQuarter Announces Launch of i2eye Diagnostics

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 21 marzo 2012

An aerial view of Edinburgh BioQuarter

An aerial view of Edinburgh BioQuarter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Edinburgh, Scotland, (PRNewswire)Edinburgh BioQuarter today announced the launch of i2eye Diagnostics Limited, a company that will deliver the world’s first visual field analyser for patient groups whose visual field was previously impossible to test, including young children and vulnerable adults.i2eye Diagnostics has signed an agreement with the business investment syndicate Kelvin Capital and others for a significant strategic investment which will enable the company to complete the development of its world-first visual field testing instrument.Existing visual field testing instruments depend on the patient’s complete understanding, co-operation and considered feedback and involve keeping the patient’s head still, staring at a fixed point for several minutes. Innovative new technology, known as SVOP (Saccadic Vector Optokinetic Perimetry), harnesses the patient’s natural reactions to movement and light to analyse their visual field without any need for them to keep still, understand the test or give feedback to the tester. Visual field testing can now be performed on very young children as well as many elderly patients and other groups who could not previously be tested. The technology behind the i2eye visual field analyser was developed over five years by a clinical research team at the University of Edinburgh consisting of ophthalmologists, neurologists and medical physicists and led by Robert Minns, Professor of Paediatric Neurology. The new company has been formed with a management team working closely with the Business Creation team at Edinburgh BioQuarter. Peter Estibeiro, i2eye’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “Our instrument is a generation ahead of anything else currently on the market and has enormous potential. One of its first applications is in the monitoring and clinical management of children with brain tumours, where it can aid the decision making process potentially leading to a better outcome. The instrument will be on the market from the middle of 2012 and we are already seeing significant interest from leading paediatric medical centres around the world.” The value of the market targeted by i2eye is estimated at US$280 million in the United States, with markets of similar potential available in Europe and Asia. The company recently returned from exhibiting at the AAO (American Academy of Ophthalmology) Conference in Florida and experienced significant interest from practitioners and distributors spanning the globe.


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