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Mother Ship Disrupted and Crew Freed by NATO Ship

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 15 aprile 2012

Combined Task Force 151 - 090220-N-1082Z-197

Combined Task Force 151 - 090220-N-1082Z-197 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The NATO ship HDMS Absalon disrupted a dhow, detained 16 suspected pirates and freed the 12-member dhow crew. During a patrol off the Somali east coast, HDMS ABSALON, part of NATO’s Counter Piracy Operation Ocean Shield spotted an Iranian-flagged dhow which was hijacked one month ago and was currently being used as a mother ship by suspected pirates operating in the area. HDMS ABSALON was tasked to approach the mother ship to carry out a disruption. After stopping the mother ship, HDMS ABSALON sent her boarding team to search the vessel. The team conducted a compliant boarding and assumed full control over the mother ship. On board the mother ship were 16 Somalis suspected of piracy, as well as a crew of 12 from Pakistan and Iran who had been held hostage on the mother ship throughout the last month. The operation was achieved without the use of arms. After questioning the original crew, they were released with their vessel. “I am glad that we successfully disrupted another suspected pirate attack group and freed hostages as well. I am sure that our resolute operations discourage the pirates.” said Rear Admiral (LH) Sinan Azmi TOSUN, Commander of NATO Counter Piracy Task Force


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