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Website Launches Offering the Chance to Win iPads and Other Prizes for Just One Pound

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 26 aprile 2012

London, (PRNewswire)A completely new online concept where players have an opportunity to get their hands on the latest gadgets by working out where in the world a photograph was taken.YOOFIND.ME is a new tech. start-up based in London that has conceived and created a way to win prizes by playing an online game where players win based on skill, rather than chance.Officially Launched on April 24th 2012, this highly anticipated website has already received an overwhelming response from players across the globe who are tired of being over-charged by penny auctions and bidding sites.Founder Malcolm West says: “Our idea was to create a new game for people who are fed up with being ripped off in online competitions.”You go to our website, pick a prize you want to win and all you have to do is work out where a photograph was taken and pin-point the position on a map.
“That’s it! – It’s a simple concept but there is nothing like it online and players absolutely love it, we’ve already had an overwhelming response.”Unlike auctions, where the cost continues to rise, YOOFIND.ME has a limited number of entries. This gives a small number of entrants a fair chance of winning a prize of their choice.”Using your skill and judgement not only raises your chances, it also makes it good fun to play.”Easy to understand and with clearly laid-out rules, YOOFIND.ME offers online players the chance to win iPads, flat-screen TVs, cameras, and gaming consoles plus other gadgets and gizmos.


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