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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 34 n° 316

New Forest Code Passes in Brazil

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 30 aprile 2012

Brazil’s Congress has passed the country’s new forest code, leaving a possible veto by President DIlma Rousseff as the only barrier to the law being implemented. The passing of the new law has drawn significant ire from environmental groups. The legislation was passed by a majority vote of 274-184. The Bill effectively updates the country’s 1965 forest code. The key point of contention for environmental campaigners was the loosening of restrictions on agricultural land with forest cover, and the ‘grandfathering’ of illegal land-clearing by farmers that had not undertaken remedial works. The CNA, Brazil’s leading farmers’ organisation has publicly commended the passing of the new law. “This new legislation will prevent new deforestation while at the same time recognising the importance of the agriculture sector for the Brazilian economy,” CNA official Ahasuerus Dock Veronez told the Financial Times. According to Veronez, a continually changing regime of laws and regulations has ‘criminalised’ farmers by retrospectively decreasing the amount of land they can use for farming. WWF has described the passing of the Bill as ‘embarrassing’, despite the development of farmland in the Brazilian Amazon making Brazil the second-largest global producer of soybeans and spurring economic development.Even though the passing of the law was transparent, democratic and legal, campaign groups such as Greenpeace and WWF have declared they will attempt to pressure President Rousseff into vetoing the Bill in the lead-up to the Rio+20 conference, which is to be held in Rio de Janeiro in June.


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