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WWF’s Tanzanian Travails: Time For Answers?

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 19 Mag 2012

Tanzania 41

Tanzania 41 (Photo credit: al_green)

We usually read the UK’s Daily Telegraph for the excellent prose of James Delingpole, but we thoroughly enjoyed the piece that Christopher Booker has produced on WWF. Booker correctly points out that WWF has become a “strange body,” morphing away from its original roots concerned with animal protection to become something akin to a multi-national corporation: “the richest and most influential environmental lobbying organisation in the world.” We’d certainly agree that WWF clearly no longer has animal welfare at the top of its agenda. All the evidence shows that WWF is now acting as some kind of benign version of Greenpeace bent on reducing tr ade opportunities for the world’s poor through a conservation at all costs agenda.But we were also heartened to see Booker go to the core of WWF’s credibility, picking up the organization’s recent debacle in Tanzania, an issue the Consumers Alliance’s Andrew Langer recently wrote about in the Washington Times. As Booker correctly points out, not only did WWF fail to prevent widespread fraud and malfeasance in Tanzania, but the entire project it had been paid to undertake was nothing short of a catastrophe. And yet WWF still appears to have learned no lessons. Rather than ordering a speedy investigation, WWF claims that its findings from the Tanzania scandal will be released “in due course,” often an expression used by a tainted politician to kick an issue into the weeds. This is all very concerning. Given the amount of money that WWF receives from taxpayers, it’s nothing short of a scandal that the organization has failed to provide a comprehensive explanation into its Tanzanian travails.


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