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EL AL Launches Economy Class Plus

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 26 maggio 2012


EL AL (Photo credit: caribb)

New York EL AL, the national airline of Israel, today announced the launch of Economy Class Plus, a new class of service offering passengers more legroom, more seat recline and preferred seating in the economy cabin.Economy Class Plus also offers an improved atmosphere, a comfort kit (with eyeshades, socks, earplugs, toothpaste and a toothbrush), a business class pillow and blanket, a wider seat cushion, plus additional relaxing amenities such as a foot rest and a curtain for privacy. Installation of laptop and cell phone electrical outlets at every seat will be completed by year end.
EL AL passengers can now reserve Economy Class Plus seating for travel as of July 1 on all state-of-the-art 747-400 jumbo aircraft flying between New York (JFK and Newark) and Israel. The fare for this preferred seat is an additional $150 per person above the economy class fare, each way. In the future, Economy Class Plus will be offered to passengers travelling on state-of-the-art 777 aircraft.EL AL Matmid frequent flyers who travel the most (Top Platinum, Platinum and Gold members) receive a complimentary Economy Class Plus seat when purchasing an economy class ticket. A travel companion of a Top Platinum member in economy class also receives a free Economy Class Plus seat. In addition, EL AL passengers purchasing select economy class tickets are entitled to receive a free Economy Class Plus seat. Every other Matmid frequent flyer has the option of exchanging points for one of these seats.
For more information and to book an Economy Class Plus seat, visit, or call EL AL at (800) 223-6700 or any travel agent. You can also learn more about Economy Class Plus, special promotions, as well as special events in Israel and useful travel tips by joining the airline’s Facebook (EL AL Israel Airlines USA) and Twitter (@ELALUSA).EL AL USA Facebook fans can have free membership to the EL AL Matmid Frequent Flyer Club to earn bonus tickets and upgrades to premium classes, priority seat selection, and other exclusive member-only offers. Matmid Members have the opportunity to enroll for free in the EL AL GlobaLY program, whereby EL AL is donating the equivalent of 5% of earned points to charitable organizations: Taglit/Birthright, The Association for the Wellbeing of Israel’s Soldiers and the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Israel, helping to bring deserving individuals from around the world to Israel.
Celebrating more than 60 years of service, EL AL, Israel’s national airline, offers the most nonstop flights between New York (JFK/Newark) and Israel as well as the only nonstop service from Los Angeles. Worldwide, EL AL flies to 35 destinations from Israel and serves dozens of other destinations throughout the world (including the USA) via partnerships with many other leading carriers. Only EL AL has first class service on nonstop flights between the U.S.A. and Israel. The airline has annual revenues of about $2 billion and carries 3.6 million passengers every year. EL AL embodies Israel’s values of innovation and the promise of a genuine Israeli welcome.

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