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Fund Manager Survey Global Emerging Markets

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 20 marzo 2013

NEW YORK AND LONDON – Increasing confidence in the outlook for the U.S. dollar and U.S. equities is offsetting investors’ renewed concerns over China, according to the BofA Merrill Lynch Fund Manager Survey for March.
This month registered the highest level of dollar bullishness in the survey’s history. A net 72 percent of respondents now expect the U.S. currency to appreciate over the next year, a 30-point increase in a month. Bearishness on U.S. stocks has also reversed. A net 5 percent identify the U.S. as the regional market it most wishes to overweight, compared to January’s net 19 percent underweight. The U.S. also offers the best outlook of any region for corporate profits by far, investors believe.
Against this background, investors remain positive on the global economy’s recovery and continue to increase exposure to equity markets. A net 61 percent expects macroeconomic performance around the world to strengthen over the next year, a slight increase on last month’s reading. A net 57 percent of asset allocators are now overweight equities, up from a net 51 percent in the two previous months. This positive stance offsets a gloomier view of China. Only a net 14 percent of regional investors now expect the Chinese economy to be stronger in a year’s time. This represents one of the sharpest falls in this reading in the survey’s history. Significantly increased fears of a hard landing in China are reflected in a shift out of emerging market equities and into developed markets (mainly the U.S. and Japan). “Relative U.S. economic outperformance on the back of the housing market’s ongoing improvement and the energy independence story will lead a secular uptrend in the dollar. U.S. equities’ leadership in the ‘Great Rotation’ suggests developed market equities are the likeliest winner in this scenario,” Michael Hartnett, chief investment strategist at BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research, said. “A disconnect between European investors’ increasing optimism about the region and global investors’ continued caution over Europe is also apparent in the survey,” added John Bilton, European investment strategist.

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Stricter Safety and Emission Norms to Result in Increased Costs for Small Cars

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 20 marzo 2013

London, UK Automotive manufacturers worldwide have noticed a mega trend emerging in the shape of a rising demand for small and inexpensive cars, forming the center of a new and sustainable mobility solution. Since 2010, the interest of different participants in the global market has visibly been growing, offering products in the price range of 10,000 Euros, such as quadricycle OEMs, sub-A vehicle segment OEMs, or even the mass market OEMs.Some vehicles that fell into this price range are microcars like the Piaggio NT3, Renault Twizy ZE, Tata Nano, Opel Rak-e and even similar looking A-segment vehicles like Skoda Citigo, Daimler Smart Fortwo from the stable of mass market OEMs.According to Frost & Sullivan research, the so-called microcars are expected to grow to nearly 280,000 units in Europe alone by 2017, which includes quadricycles as well as the newly accepted sub-A segment vehicles. OEMs are trying to “decontent” their A-segment vehicles like the VW Up!, Toyota iQ and so on, to have an entry blueprint into the microcars market with their smallest vehicle in stable. On the other side, big cars like the Dacia Duster in the compact SUV category have also been smartly engineered to be priced around the magic 10,000 Euros range and to grab attention of microcars/small car customers that want to migrate to big cars with small costs.The advantages of microcars remain though which even models like the Dacia Duster cannot offer. Microcars are deliberately designed for crowded and congested mega cities and targeted at Gen-Y consumers, who seem genuinely interested in alternative mobility themes, like carsharing. Even traditional and peer-to-peer carsharing operators have added these small microcars to their fleets in 2012. So far, more than 35 models in this category have been displayed at numerous auto shows. While the prices for many of them have not been revealed, other new introductions carry a high price tag, due to the fact of being an electric vehicle with high battery or components costs. The new Mahindra Reva e2o launched onroad in India on 18th March 2013 and priced around 8,000-10,000 Euros targets the European market with price that is expected to hover around the 10,000 Euros mark.
Quadricycle OEMs have an additional responsibility to safety high and emission low, maintaining low speeds, making just the right/small footprint and a consumer awareness that is always high in addition to keeping cost under check. Sub-A segment vehicles have almost all the right combinations and are expected to arrive in plenty of models and variants in the attractive price range while also reflecting high on safety characteristics.European cars including L-category vehicles are expected to abide to new emission and safety rules and regulations put into place by the European Commission. A microscopic shift has already begun, with even stricter safety and even emission norms for microcars. A resulting addition in seat belts, airbags, reflectors, cross protection beams, better bumpers for the protection of pedestrians, etc, in quadricycles will make them look like sub-A vehicles with increased weight and thereby increased power to match the added weight. Plus an added cost to these vehicles makes it difficult to maintain current price levels.New homologations which qualify for new subsidies is expected to be the answer. To encourage this ongoing innovation in the microcars segment, and to encourage more active participation also from mainstream OEMs to create small, safe and innovative mobility transport, new homologation is expected to set the stage or platform. It also provides the opportunity for quadricycle manufacturers to elevate themselves and become a sub-A or even a mainstream OEM in the future by acquiring new partners on the way or even being acquired to sustain and grow when demand falls. Analysing the microcar models showcased at the recently concluded 2013 Geneva Motor Show restores confidence that OEMs including the likes of Toyota are listening to customers’ demand for small, safe and smart vehicles for the future.

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