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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 33 n° 335

Churches should not judge, but seek harmony, says Panama bishop

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 7 luglio 2013

Budapest – Churches can offer practical as well as spiritual support when there is conflict, the Episcopal Bishop of Panama, the Rt Rev. Julio Murray has told journalists.Speaking on Friday at a press conference during the 14th Assembly of the Conference of European Churches, Murray set out his belief that churches can offer practical as well as spiritual support when there is conflict. “Churches are contributing a space for dialogue, where peoples can come together to answer questions, and even to raise other questions,” said Murray.”One of the most important things the churches can do is to be present at the table and to raise the issues of peace.” Bishop Julio, who was until recently President of the Latin American Council of Churches, gave Thursday’s keynote address to the CEC Assembly. He stressed the need for co-operation of churches from different traditions and regions of the world. During the Budapest Assembly delegates are being asked to approve a proposed new constitution for the future CEC.”Sharing in solidarity means that you do not have to walk along in making these decisions,” Bishop Julio said. “I want to reinforce how important the ecumenical movement is, based on prayer, partnership, in creating safe space, to be concerned of one another, to be supportive of one another.”He reiterated a call for the Church to use a prophetic voice to denounce what is wrong in the world, and to promote the concept of good living rather than living well. When asked about the current international incident between Bolivia and several EU countries, widely reported in the international media today, the bishop was diplomatic in his response.”Churches should not blame or judge but try to find the solution which can try to find a harmony in our relationship for peace.” He stressed the important role that churches can have in seeking better communication and better opportunities for identifying new avenues to build peace.


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