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Nokia Sells Device Business to Microsoft, but Keeps HERE Auto Navigation Platform

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 4 settembre 2013

London, UK Comment by Praveen Chandrasekar, Program Manager Telematics & Infotainment at Frost & Sullivan. Following the interesting announcement of selling its device business to Microsoft, Nokia has done what was expected by keeping their HERE business division. HERE is a rebranded integration of Navteq’s mapping and traffic business with Nokia’s location platform, which is a part of a fast growing market on the automotive side. Adding on to Navteq’s existing customer base for the navigation digital maps, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) attributes maps, and initiatives like ecodriving, traffic service, HERE also recently unveiled a connected car platform which integrates several of the Navteq pieces. Combined, the HERE Auto navigation platform, HERE Auto Cloud dynamic traffic and parking platform, and HERE Auto companion for apps, have been Nokia’s big bold entry into offering a complete connected car platform.Clearly showing its appetite to tap into the fast growing connected car market, Nokia is also involved in the Mirrorlink effort, which is working on the next generation smartphone integration and replication of products with more content, apps and driver distraction guidelines, currently trying to be made into an OEM offer. The intention here is to rebrand the formerly known Navteq and establish the HERE brand name separately, so that it can continue its dominance in the navigation and location-based services market.
Frost & Sullivan, however, believes that given Microsoft’s push into the connected car market with its platform for the largely successful SYNC with Ford, Blue&Me with Fiat and the growing UVO partnership with Kia, the addition of HERE and its location-based components along with Mirrorlink might have made a Microsoft connected car offer a compelling choice for OEMs similar to what QNX is trying to achieve with the Car2 Platform, offering all the basic functions- smartphone integration, maps, apps and so on. Clearly, with a complete acquisition, Microsoft would have benefited with a product line that would be able to compete with any Tier-1 beyond only having the hardware component.


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