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UN takes action on international migration to address urgent migration challenges and increase benefits for development

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 5 ottobre 2013

UN Members' flags - the UN Headquarters, New York

UN Members’ flags – the UN Headquarters, New York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New York. United Nations Member States for the first time unanimously adopted a Declaration calling for the respect of human rights and international labour standards, reiterating their commitment to fight human trafficking and strongly condemning racism and intolerance, during the two-day High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Development held at UN Headquarters.
Member States took actions to move forward on cooperating to reduce the dangers and costs of international migration, while stressing migration’s benefits, when they agreed to the Declaration citing the many complex issues related to international migration. The Declaration committed Member States to continue to address the opportunities and challenges presented by international migration in all countries.Member States agreed that the world’s 232 million international migrants make important contributions to the development of the countries of origin, transit and destination that they move between. It was also agreed that the public perception of migrants and migration must be improved.Ensuring international labour standards and respecting the rights of migrants in the workplace was emphasized in the Declaration. With women making up nearly half of all international migrants, it was agreed that more protections were needed for women migrants, particularly for those involved in domestic work.Commitments were also made to prevent and combat human trafficking and migrant smuggling, while protecting victims. In the Declaration, Member States stressed the need for international cooperation to address the challenges of irregular migration with full respect for human rights. Regardless of migration status, Member States agreed to promote and protect the human rights of all migrants and to avoid approaches that might make irregular migrants more vulnerable.Member States also connected the important contribution migrants make towards reducing poverty and achieving the Millennium Development Goals, and stressed the need to consider migration in the post-2015 development agenda. Governments were encouraged to integrate migration into development planning, including considering ways to include diaspora groups.The Secretary-General announced closer cooperation between the United Nations and the State-led Global Forum on Migration and Development. Mr. Ban also called on the Global Migration Group, which is comprised of 14 UN agencies, the World Bank and the International Organization for Migration, to improve coordination in the field and aid in building capacity of Governments to promote work on migration and development and to develop an action-oriented plan to follow up on the High-level Dialogue.Mr. Ban also noted that in support of the work of the Secretary-General’s Special Representative on International Migration, Peter Sutherland, the Philippines and the United States will lead an initiative to better assist migrant workers caught in humanitarian crises.With more than 100 Government representatives addressing the main meeting, the Dialogue also offered the opportunity for a series of roundtables and side events. The roundtables focused on different international migration issues, including how these issues relate to the post-2015 development agenda, human rights, partnerships and labour mobility. Representatives from 350 civil society organizations participated in the different discussions taking place around the Dialogue.


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