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New series by Charlotte COLBERT

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 21 novembre 2013

Show: 29th November – 12th December 201339 Dover St, London W1S 4NN, UK
A DAY AT HOME, the new photographic series by Charlotte Colbert, playfully explores the relationship between the imagined and the real within the context of the home. She loosely parallels the writer and the housewife as figures struggling to distinguish between the two. Their identities dissolving within the huis-clos of Colberttheir setting and imaginings. The black and white images, shot on medium format film and shown within the context of their original negative, are like surreal fragments of a dream or nightmare. Using long and double exposures as well as props and distorting mirrors, her camera becomes a portal into the mind of a fictional character.With playful nods to Bourgeois’ “femme-maison”, the visuals of ruins and fairy tales, Colbert questions the daily insanity of being human, more specifically within the context of the home. Shot on location, in a derelict house in Bethnal Green, the ruins become a character in themselves, the murky mindscape from which one cannot escape.Drawing from her screenwriting, Colbert’s photographic work is strongly anchored within the language of film and story-telling. Her pictures originally conceived as a series, a sequence developed in script format before being shot. A Day At Home builds on the story-telling language of her work. A very personal exploration of the relationship between the writer and the home, the real and the imagined, identity and the self. A study of madness, the fragility of our sense of existence, reality and belonging. The writer and housewife coming together in their sense of isolation, solitude and confinement within a space which both closes in on them but also opens up into an epic landscape of surreal imaginings. Here, the use of medium format film allows for the character to be overwhelmed, defined and even disappear in her surroundings. Only a couple of images are shot in 35mm, the ones exploring the relationship and the mystery of self-perception, the woman’s body rendered grotesque as the viewer is placed between the character and her reflection.“A truly original visual storyteller her images are hauntingly evocative” Laura Bailey, Vogue “Some photographers take pictures and others make them. Charlotte is most definitely in the second category, her pictures a gateway into… her search for meaning and her very special way of seeing” Dorothy Bohm, photographer and co-founder Photographers’ Gallery in London (colbert)

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Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 21 novembre 2013

Deutsch: Technische Universität München, Fakul...

Deutsch: Technische Universität München, Fakultät Maschinenwesen, Garching (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Entrepreneurship continues to enjoy a high reputation worldwide. However, many people don’t put their plans into action. These are the main findings of the Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report 2013 published by Amway and the Technische Universität München (TUM). On average, more than two-thirds (70%) of the population in 24 countries have a positive attitude towards self-employment. 39% of the respondents can imagine starting their own business. A big obstacle is fear of failure: 70% of the respondents feel threatened by it. On the other hand, measures like public funding, start-up loans and entrepreneurship education are encouraging people in their decision to start-up an enterprise.
The Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report 2013 surveyed more than 26,000 women and men in 24 countries worldwide. This year again, the Danish (89%) keep heading the ranking of polled countries, when it comes to positive attitude towards entrepreneurship. Second and third place go to newly added countries: Finland with 87%, and Australia follows with 84%. Like last year, respondents in Austria (40%), Hungary (40%), Portugal (39%), and Germany (37%) show the most negative attitude.The average self-employment potential in the countries surveyed worldwide is at 39%, that is individuals who can imagine to start up their own business. It is highest in Colombia (63%), Mexico (56%), and Greece (53%), with Greece remaining the European country with great entrepreneurial will (2012: 50%). Once more decreasing, with 26% possibly starting their own business, Germany is on next-to-last place, with only Japan following (17%).To implement above named potential, political decision makers need to help potential entrepreneurs putting their ideas into action. The number of people confirming to already be self-employed is relatively low. This could be due to the high fear of failure, hindering entrepreneurship (70%). Particularly in countries that have a positive attitude towards entrepreneurship, but cannot imagine starting a business, fear of failure displays a severe obstacle. Especially respondents in Japan (94%), Italy and Czech Republic (each 91%) are frightened of failing with an enterprise. On the contrary, the U.S. (62%), the Netherlands (55%), and Mexico (50%) show high percentages on not being afraid of failing. This fear to fail is composed by different factors, such as “financial burdens up to bankruptcy” (41%) and the “threat of the economic crisis” (31%).“Entrepreneurship represents a necessary component of our society. Without doubt, potential entrepreneurs seek to realize their ideas and visions – but there are a number of anxieties that hinder the foundation of businesses. These fears need to be eliminated to enable more people to start up their own companies,” explains Prof. Isabell M. Welpe, Chair for Strategy and Organization, Technische Universität München (TUM).
Given that, encouraging factors to the foundation of business, such as “public funding and start-up loans” (42%), “entrepreneurship education and teaching of business skills” (33%) and “mentoring, support through business networks” (27%) have to be implemented. Furthermore, countries that show a high fear to fail, also long for “low-risk business models”. In Germany (34%), Italy (29%), Hungary, Turkey, and Ukraine (each 26%) it is under the top three factors that encourage entrepreneurship.

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The European Solidarity front for Syria

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 21 novembre 2013

Photo taken during a demonstration in Montreal...

Photo taken during a demonstration in Montreal in solidarity with the people of Syria, March 27. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The European Solidarity front for Syria and the Syrian community in Italy join to an European fundraising promoted by Sol.Id, to buy strictly necessary goods affecting especially the weaker groups of syrian population, like children, elderly, and war invalids.
Syrian people are torment from 32 months of terrorist war, that hit and destroyed large part of industries on the territory, completely self-contained before hostilities’ start; so with this solidarity campaign will be purchased those goods that today Syria is forced to import, such as milk powder, wheelchairs for the disabled and medicine, of this drugs for the treatment of cancer are now subject to the embargo
The campaign of fundraising will culminate with a solidarity mission in next year, for which Europeans volunteers will deliver directly to Syria the bare necessities. The European Solidarity Front for Syria invite all to participate at this solidarity fundraising.

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Conference at United Nations in New York to raise cause of Jewish refugees from Muslim countries

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 21 novembre 2013

The Forgotten Refugees

The Forgotten Refugees (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

NEW YORK – The “forgotten refugees” of the Arab-Israel conflict – Jews forced from their homes in Arab countries – will gain a hearing at the United Nations on 21 November 2013 at a conference convened by Israel’s Mission to the United Nations, the World Jewish Congress and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and Justice for Jews from Arab Countries.The Untold Story of the Middle East: Justice for Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries will urge that American and international diplomacy recognize the rights of the Middle East’s Jewish refugees on an equal footing with those of other refugees in the region, including Palestinian Arabs – an especially salient topic given ongoing Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. “The world has long recognized the Palestinian refugee problem, but without recognizing the other side of the story – the 850,000 Jewish refugees of Arab countries,” said World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder. “Yet for any Middle East peace process to be credible and enduring, it must ensure that all bona fide refugees receive equal rights and treatment under international law.”The conference will hear presentations from Israeli Minister of National Infrastructure Silvan Shalom, Israeli Permanent Representative to the UN Ron Prosor, WJC President Ronald S. Lauder, Conference of Presidents Executive Vice Chairman Malcolm Hoenlein, and Co-President of Justice for Jews from Arab Countries Sylvain Abitbol. The film ‘The Forgotten Refugees’, a documentary by Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa (JIMENA), will be screened. Other speakers will include Lucette Lagnado, the author of two memoirs about her Egyptian Jewish family; Linda Menuhin, a Middle East commentator who is the daughter of Iraqi Jewish refugees; and Levana Zamir, president of the International Association of Jews from Egypt.

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Pippin Building Products set to increase distributor portfolio across Europe

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 21 novembre 2013

A 26 segment × 3 exposure (78 frames in total)...

A 26 segment × 3 exposure (78 frames in total) panoramic view of the Hong Kong skyline taken from a path around Victoria Peak. Français : Vue panoramique de Hong Kong depuis un sentier de Victoria Peak. Image construite en assemblant 78 clichés (26 visées × 3 expositions) réalisés avecun appareil Canon 5D et un objectif 85mm f/1.8 réglé sur f/5.6. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pippin Building Products, are providers of innovative manufacturing machinery. The company has Headquarters in the UK and has firmly established a global presence with distributors in territories across the world including Alabama, Beirut, Singapore, Hong Kong and New York.
With a view to responding more efficiently to the demands and requirements of their growing customer base, they are looking to expand their European distributor network.Pippin Building Products has been supplying CNC Knife cutting and routing machines to customers globally for decades and already has a strong market presence in Europe. Expanding their distributor portfolio across Europe will enable a faster, more efficient response to their customer’s requirements.Pippin Building Products supply high-end hardware to the construction industry worldwide, including many innovative and specialist products which are either new to the region or not easily sourced in the European marketplace.Across the board, from Cladding, CNC Machines to Profiles, Tools and Accessories, Pippin Building Products provides the highest quality products and services across the full spectrum of construction needs.Managing Director; Shaun Barton-Smith said:“The greatest pride Pippin Building Products takes is in serving the customer. Our technical advice, support and after-sales service are second to none. Expanding our European distributor portfolio will enable us to respond even faster to our customer’s requirements whilst delivering a service of excellence in what can sometimes be time-sensitive situations.”The product range includes CNC Fabrication Machines for Composite Panels, Cladding, Woodwork & Air-conditioning insulated ducting, Aluminium Profiles and accessories.Pippin Building Products Ltd power tools are designed to perform numerous manufacturing functions, improving quality and efficiency on the production line. Their machinery enables their customers to tackle a variety of assembly applications with confidence.

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Nazi-looted art: World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder calls on German government to require publication of all suspicious art collections

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 21 novembre 2013

Warsaw Jews being held at gunpoint by SS troop...

Warsaw Jews being held at gunpoint by SS troops. Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, April 1943. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

NEW YORK – Following is a statement by Ronald S. Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, on the latest developments in the case of the Munich art trove:“The conduct of the Augsburg prosecutor who is now calling for the speedy return of many artworks to Cornelius Gurlitt has been less than exemplary. After keeping the find secret for nearly two years it now appears that he wants to rid himself of a problem that he has been unable to handle properly for a long time. That is irresponsible. This issue should be dealt with at the highest political level and not be left with a single prosecutor in Augsburg. “The discovery of a vast amount of fine art in Munich highlights the fact that a great deal of Nazi-looted art remains to be discovered. Some German museums have attempted to locate looted art in their collections but most are not devoting the resources needed to do this work or giving provenance research the priority it deserves. “The principal obstacle to the recovery of Nazi-looted art that is in private hands is the statute of limitations because it prevents judicial inquiry and recovery. The problem should be addressed by the German government because the Holocaust is unique and the statute of limitations was never intended to deal with massive wartime looting perpetrated in the course of genocide.“The issue was not dealt with by Germany after the war. Therefore, statutes of limitation serve to perpetuate injustice. Anyone in Germany who possesses artworks whose provenance during the Nazi period is doubtful should therefore be required to make his holdings public and should not be allowed to prevent Holocaust victims and their heirs from seeking judicial redress by asserting a technical defense based on the statute of limitations. “Furthermore, the German government should create a commission authorized and empowered to examine all public collections for suspected looted art, and to make available information that would enable Holocaust victims, their heirs as well as art historians and researchers, to examine such holdings. The Austrian government has begun this process, at least with respect to national collections.“The painful disclosure of continued possession of Nazi-plundered cultural items by museums and in private collections is necessary in order for the German government and Holocaust victims to bring to a close this dark chapter of history.”

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Climate Action Tracker

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 21 novembre 2013

Climate justice and water justice

Climate justice and water justice (Photo credit: Toban B.)

Warsaw Weak government action on climate change will lead to a projected 3.7degC of warming by 2100, around 0.6degC higher than the original promises they made in Copenhagen, the Climate Action Tracker (CAT) said today.The annual assessment by the CAT, a project of research organisations: Climate Analytics, Ecofys and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research shows that the world has a one in three chance of exceeding 4˚C by 2100. “We are seeing a major risk of a further downward spiral in ambition, a retreat from action, and a re-carbonisation of the energy system led by the use of coal,” said Bill Hare, director of Climate Analytics.“Governments are taking a ‘bottom up’ approach to climate action, unilaterally degrading their pledges without review: the type of pledge first, review later approach to commitments that could lead to a very weak agreement in 2015.”Since the Warsaw talks began, the announcement by Japan to downgrade its target enlarged the global 2020 emissions gap by 3-4%. Australia’s backtracking on implementation could widen the gap further, with some positive signals coming from the US and China.These developments point towards warming of about 5˚C, under the highest of the new IPCC scenarios that sees a sixfold increase in coal use. There is a growing disconnect between current policies and 2020 pledges, and the longer-term reductions needed for 1.5-2°C.“This whole situation flies in the face of plentiful opportunities for action and the continuing rise of renewable energy,” said Niklas Höhne Director for energy and climate policy at Ecofys. “For the first time, we analysed whether currently implemented government policies are sufficient to meet their pledges and find that significant and very diverse action is happening, but still not sufficient.”“Instead of strong domestic policies to meet ambitious pledges, we’re seeing a weakening of action, and a degradation of pledges that sees the highest 2020 emissions levels the Climate Action Tracker has ever seen,” said Marion Vieweg, of Climate Analytics.

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ADF: Italian Catholicism teacher has freedom to convey church teaching on sexuality

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 21 novembre 2013

St. Peter's Basilica at Early Morning

St. Peter’s Basilica at Early Morning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ROME — Alliance Defending Freedom has sent a letter to Italy’s National Anti-Discrimination Office in defense of a teacher who asked students to answer a questionnaire about the morality of a variety of activities in an optional hour of teaching on Catholicism. Two activist groups filed a discrimination complaint simply because one of the activities among the many listed was homosexual behavior.“The government should not honor requests to punish citizens for engaging in perfectly legitimate and protected free speech,” said Legal Counsel Paul Coleman. “It should not surprise anyone that the subject of sin and morality would occur in an optional lesson on official Catholic teaching. No reasonable person should conclude that this somehow ‘discriminates’ against anybody, especially since the questionnaire never even singled out any particular behavior.”During the optional hour on Catholicism at Liceo Classico Mariotti, a university preparatory high school in Perugia, the teacher distributed a questionnaire to students asking them to rank from 0 to 10 the gravity of sinfulness of a list of activities, including selling drugs, war, terrorism, murder, contraception, abortion, premarital sex, and homosexual behavior. Two groups, Arcigay and Omphalos Association, learned of the assignment and filed a complaint with the National Anti-Discrimination Office, claiming that the questionnaire provoked discriminatory arguments among the students.The European Convention of Human Rights states that “freedom of thought, conscience, and religion is one of the foundations of a ‘democratic society.’” The Alliance Defending Freedom letter explains that the questionnaire was “not focused on homosexuality and carried out during an hour of optional teaching of the Catholic religion” and that, regardless, the ECHR’s protection of freedom of religion and expression takes “precedence over an individual’s ‘right’ not to be offended by statements critical to homosexuality.”“The questionnaire, moreover, turns out to be developed and evaluated in a neutral and objective manner, without giving any importance to the sexual orientation of the students,” the letter states. “In any case it needs to be considered that the teaching of the Catholic religion is optional for the students….”The letter was co-written with local counsel Mattia Ferrero, one of nearly 2,300 attorneys allied with Alliance Defending Freedom.

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Reaction to UN Sec-Gen Ban Ki-Moon and Poland PM Donald Tusk speeches at COP19– Greenpeace

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Warsaw (Photo credit: TobyA)

 In response to statements made today by UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, and Polish Prime Minster, Donald Tusk, at the UN Climate Change Negotiations in Warsaw, Maciek Muskat, Director of Greenpeace Poland, addressing Tusks’s introductory speech said:
“Tusk claims to hear the consensus among climate scientists about the seriousness of climate change, but he fails to listen. Scientists say we must leave most of the known reserves of fossil fuels in the ground and that there is barely space for new coal plants in our carbon budget. Prime Minister Tusk, however, seems to live in a fantasy land where all technology can continue to be used in a climate afflicted world – including coal. The coal addiction of the Polish Prime Minister is the reason for his government’s blocking European climate goals. This is throttling the chances of having any meaningful international deal, and hurting the opportunity to pull Poland into a future based on renewables. It should be clear that in order to make the EU a true leader and push the COP presidency towards bigger ambitions in 2014, PM Tusk must stop being ‘The Godfather’ of coal interests in Poland.”

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Polish Environment Minister sacked in the middle of UN climate negotiations

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 21 novembre 2013

warsaw overview

warsaw overview (Photo credit: Nikos Roussos)

 Reacting to the firing of the Polish Environment Minister, Marcin Korolec in the middle of the UN climate negotiations in Warsaw, Maciej Muskat, Director of Greenpeace Poland
Replacing the Minister of the Environment during COP19 is further proof of Prime Minister Tusk’s lack of a clear intention to drive the climate negotiations towards a clear timeline to commit to meaningful climate action and phase out fossil fuels. While introducing the new Environment Minister, Prime Minister Tusk justified the change by a need to accelerate the exploitation of shale gas in Poland.The new Minister of Environment, Maciej Grabowski highlighted in his short opening speech the development of shale gas in Poland as his priority. In relation to his background on environmental issues, he has mentioned his previous interest in the exploration of hydrocarbons. Marcin Korolec will stay as the plenipotentiary of the Polish government to the climate negotiations.

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Dolore cronico

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Basilica of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo in Ravenna, ...

Basilica of Sant’Apollinare Nuovo in Ravenna, Italy: “Procession of the Holy Martyrs”. Mosaic of a Ravennate italian-byzantine workshop, completed within 526 AD by the so-called “Master of Sant’Apollinare”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Da gennaio 2014 implementate due nuove sale operatorie nei presidi di Ravenna e Faenza.Già struttura d’eccellenza a livello regionale e nazionale, articolata sul territorio attraverso i 3 presidi ospedalieri di Ravenna, Lugo e Faenza, si appresta a venire ulteriormente potenziata. È l’Unità Operativa Complessa di Terapia Antalgica dell’AUSL ravennate, che nel corso dell’ultimo anno, tra consulenze e visite, ha erogato oltre 1.200 prestazioni, cui si aggiungono circa 400 sedute di agopuntura e 350 interventi infiltrativi.
Per le operazioni più invasive di chirurgia antalgica, da gennaio 2014 il centro si arricchirà di due nuove sale operatorie, che saranno implementate nei presidi di Ravenna e Faenza (finora l’unico attrezzato era quello di Lugo). Inoltre, per il dolore lombo-sacrale, l’armamentario strumentale comprenderà anche radiofrequenze pulsate e nucleo plastiche percutanee e, in stretta collaborazione con la Neurochirurgia Aziendale, vertebro e cifoplastiche. Trattamenti innovativi, eseguiti solo da pochi altri centri in Italia.In provincia di Ravenna, rifacendosi alla media nazionale, sono oltre 90.000 i pazienti affetti da dolore cronico, una sofferenza che perdura nel tempo, compromettendo la qualità di vita. Tra le cause più frequenti alla base del problema, e che spesso portano a richiedere un consulto presso l’U.O di Terapia Antalgica dell’AUSL, vi sono nel 50% dei casi le lombosciatalgie; il restante 50% è dovuto ad artrosi, nevralgie e patologie vascolari.“Prendiamo in carico diverse tipologie di dolore: oncologico, vascolare, neurologico, ortopedico, neurochirurgico”, dichiara il dottor Massimo Innamorato, Responsabile del Centro, che riceve i pazienti presso l’Ospedale di Lugo. “Unica struttura pubblica autorizzata a svolgere tale attività sul territorio ravennate, l’Unità Operativa Complessa di Terapia Antalgica dell’AUSL si occupa di diagnosi, prevenzione, trattamento e cura di pazienti affetti da sindromi dolorose. Lo facciamo attraverso: ricovero ordinario (urgente e/o programmato), Day Surgery, attività ambulatoriale specialistica e conducendo ricerca clinica nell’ambito della terapia del dolore. Grande attenzione viene riservata alla corretta informazione e partecipazione del paziente al processo di cura”.Con uno staff attualmente composto da un medico anestesista, un algologo, un agopuntore, sette infermieri, collaborando con il servizio di neurologia e, a breve anche con quello di psicologia, il Centro eroga le seguenti prestazioni: blocchi anestetici peridurali, radiofrequenze, inserimento di cateteri peridurali, accessi venosi impiantabili, inserzione di stimolatori midollari e di pompe intratecali, ozonoterapia, agopuntura, laserterapia e ionoforesi, sistemi infusionali, cateteri venosi periferici eco guidati. Dal 2014, per rispondere sempre meglio alla richiesta d’assistenza del territorio, l’U.O. verrà potenziata con due nuove sale operatorie e con l’introduzione di nuove metodiche all’avanguardia.La Legge 38 del 2010 ha sancito per tutti i cittadini il diritto a non soffrire e si è proposta di garantire nel nostro Paese un equo accesso a un’assistenza qualificata e un approccio terapeutico più appropriato. Il potenziamento del Centro di Terapia Antalgica dell’AUSL ravennate va proprio nella direzione di ottemperare a quanto richiesto dalla normativa.“Grazie alla Legge 38, oggi c’è un’attenzione maggiore verso la diagnosi e la cura della sofferenza. Con gli altri colleghi ospedalieri abbiamo ormai avviato un rapporto collaborativo e di integrazione delle competenze per gestire nel modo migliore il paziente con patologia algica. Sussiste, tuttavia, un certo ritardo nella diffusione di un’autentica cultura del dolore su tutto il territorio, nonostante i tanti sforzi profusi dalla Regione. Quello che ancora manca è, in primis, la consapevolezza di essere di fronte a una vera e propria malattia, che come tale va adeguatamente trattata”, conclude Innamorato.

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Malattie respiratorie

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The New England Journal of Medicine

The New England Journal of Medicine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Promuovere un confronto e un dibattito con i pazienti, la comunità medico-scientifica, gli operatori sanitari e le Istituzioni, finalizzato all’ottimizzazione dei percorsi di diagnosi e terapia delle malattie respiratorie e in particolare della BPCO – Broncopneumopatia Cronica Ostruttiva, per trovare le strategie più idonee a migliorare la qualità di vita dei pazienti e dei loro familiari, riducendo anche l’impatto socio-economico. Questo, in estrema sintesi, l’obiettivo dell’VIII^ Conferenza Nazionale BPCO dal titolo “Affrontare insieme le sfide per essere più forti”, tenutasi oggi a Roma, in occasione della XII^ Giornata Mondiale BPCO, organizzata dall’Associazione Italiana Pazienti BPCO Onlus, grazie al sostegno di Boehringer Ingelheim Italia e Pfizer.La Broncopneumopatia Cronica Ostruttiva è una delle principali cause di mortalità e invalidità nel mondo con significative ripercussioni fisiche ed emotive per chi ne soffre. I suoi sintomi comprendono tosse, escreato e dispnea sotto sforzo. Con il progredire della malattia, la funzionalità respiratoria diminuisce e lo svolgimento di attività fisiche può subire conseguenti gravi limitazioni, che impediscono ai pazienti di condurre una vita piena, lo svolgimento delle attività quotidiane e la partecipazione alle normali attività familiari e sociali.Secondo le stime dell’Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanità (OMS) ci sono 65 milioni di persone che convivono con la BPCO, ed è probabile che questo dato sia sottostimato, in quanto la patologia, spesso, non è riconosciuta come tale e quindi non diagnosticata.“Per la BPCO, da un lato è importante sensibilizzare l’opinione pubblica nei confronti delle sofferenze dei pazienti e dei loro familiari, perché ottengano il giusto riconoscimento e ricevano una maggiore solidarietà sociale – ha dichiarato Francesco Tempesta, Presidente dell’Associazione Italiana Pazienti BPCO Onlus – dall’altro, è essenziale proporre nuovi schemi di gestione della malattia al fine di garantire la continuità assistenziale, mettendo al centro della cura il paziente e integrando le competenze tra medicina di base e specialistica. E’, tuttavia, fondamentale che in questo percorso tutte le parti interessate siano unite e collaborino per far sì che il paziente possa vivere meglio la propria condizione”.Da qui l’iniziativa, nel corso della conferenza, di proporre un Audit per far emergere e portare alla luce le principali criticità che si trovano ad affrontare quotidianamente i pazienti con BPCO, per trovare insieme una soluzione.“Tra le più importanti – prosegue Rosanna Franchi, Segretario dell’Associazione – vorrei ricordare il mancato riconoscimento della BPCO come malattia cronica ed invalidante. Durante il convegno, infatti, è stata organizzata una raccolta di firme, che verranno inoltrate al Ministro della Salute insieme a una lettera formale dove si richiede il riconoscimento, anche ai pazienti con BPCO, del diritto all’esenzione dei costi delle prestazioni sanitarie. Altro problema sono le liste d’attesa per poter effettuare esami diagnostici o interventi chirurgici, che rallenta la frequenza dei controlli e causa un allungamento dei tempi di diagnosi e inizio della terapia”.Nel nostro Paese, inoltre, esistono evidenti disomogeneità a livello regionale per quanto riguarda la continuità assistenziale, come interventi di riabilitazione e assistenza domiciliare.“Non dimentichiamo, poi, che chi soffre di BPCO, può sviluppare timori, ansia, frustrazione, senso di isolamento e depressione – aggiunge Fausta Franchi, Vicepresidente della Onlus – per questo noi stimoliamo i pazienti ad uscire di casa, a muoversi e non restare soli. Ma ciò diventa difficile per chi, ad esempio, deve ricorrere a una ossigenoterapia continuativa, in quanto non esiste la possibilità (neppure in grandi città come Roma) di ricaricare le bombole portatili (chiamate stroller), che hanno un’autonomia di poche ore e che sono caratterizzate da attacchi non omologati tra lo stroller e la bombola. Allo stesso tempo è assai complicato muoversi con mezzi di trasporto come treni o aerei”.Un’ulteriore problematica della BPCO è rappresentata dalle comorbilità, ossia dall’associazione con altre condizioni patologiche croniche, soprattutto di tipo cardiovascolare e metabolico.“Da uno studio pubblicato di recente sulla rivista Multidisciplinary Respiratory Medicine – afferma il Professor Claudio Sanguinetti, già Direttore dell’Unità Complessa di Pneumologia del San Filippo Neri di Roma e membro dell’esecutivo di AIMAR (Associazione scientifica Interdisciplinare per lo studio delle malattie respiratorie) – sull’incidenza delle comorbilità nella BPCO nell’ambito di alcuni Ospedali romani, si è visto che in oltre il 90% dei pazienti esiste sempre un’altra patologia associata, prevalentemente nell’ambito cardiovascolare (aritmie, ipertensione, cardiopatia ischemica) o metabolico (diabete di tipo II o obesità), oltre ad alterazioni muscolo-scheletriche (osteoporosi). In questo contesto il tema della sicurezza dei farmaci ha un ruolo fondamentale e a questo proposito una parola importante arriva da TiospirTM, uno studio pubblicato di recente sul New England Journal of Medicine sul tiotropio bromuro, il capostipite dei broncodilatatori anticolinergici a lunga durata di azione, condotto su oltre 17000 pazienti, anche cardiopatici – continua Sanguinetti – che ne ha confermato il positivo profilo di efficacia e sicurezza”. E’ assai importante che la BPCO sia gestita in modo multidisciplinare, creando una stretta relazione tra pneumologo, cardiologo, diabetologo, oltre a un supporto psicologico, in quanto si è visto che un’alta percentuale di pazienti manifesta anche sindromi depressive.Per migliorare la qualità vita di chi soffre di BPCO è importante che la diagnosi e l’intervento con farmaci adeguati siano precoci. Per questo diventa fondamentale attivare un processo costante di informazione nei confronti dei pazienti, affinchè prendano consapevolezza della propria malattia e delle cause, modificando anche il proprio stile di vita, come l’eliminazione di una delle principali cause, quali il fumo. I pazienti con BPCO possono trarre beneficio, inoltre, da programmi di allenamento all’esercizio fisico.Per quanto riguarda i trattamenti farmacologici, devono essere prescritti in base alle necessità del singolo paziente. Tra questi ricordiamo broncodilatatori, corticosteroidi inalatori o inibitori della fosfodiesterasi 4. La terapia di gestione con broncodilatatori a lunga durata d’azione, farmaci in grado anche di ridurre il rischio delle riacutizzazioni, è consigliata nella BPCO di grado da moderato a grave.

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