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Nobel Laureates contribute to IBA report and film on the global financial crisis and poverty

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 27 novembre 2013

An in-depth report about the post-global financial crisis (GFC) effect on poverty, challenges in the aftermath of the GFC, and the role the law and lawyers can play in addressing this, has been published by the International Bar Association (IBA) Presidential Task Force on the Global Financial Crisis. It features the opinions of seminal contributors including four Nobel laureates – microfinance pioneer Muhammad Yunus; economists Amartya Sen, James Heckman and Joseph Stiglitz, former Chief Economist at the World Bank.Peter Maynard, IBA Task Force Chair, and co-editor of the Report commented, ‘Few contemporary issues are more pressing than one billion people living in poverty. This report is a brilliant first step for the IBA in dealing with that most urgent issue, and identifying how lawyers, through legal reform, can contribute to the sustainable development of the world economy and improve prosperity for people across the globe.’ He added, ‘It is particularly timely because the deadline for achieving the Millennium Development Goals is in 2015. So, discussion is now turning to what needs to be done post-2015.’The 14-chapter report entitled ‘Poverty, Justice and the Rule of Law’, explores ways for the global community to mitigate the effects of the GFC on the world’s poor. Agenda-setting thinkers, academics and leading lawyers from a wide range of practice areas including corporate social responsibility, labour law and employment, pro bono, access to justice, and human rights, contributed analysis and opinions. The focus of the Report goes beyond poverty in developing countries, to austerity measures taken during the global financial crisis in more developed economies.


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