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World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder denounces American scholars’ boycott of Israel

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 17 dicembre 2013

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NEW YORK – The President of the World Jewish Congress, Ronald S. Lauder, reacted strongly to a vote to boycott Israeli institutions by the American Studies Association, an academic group with almost 5,000 members.“This vote to boycott Israel, one of the most democratic and academically free nations on the globe, shows the Orwellian anti-Semitism and moral bankruptcy of the American Studies Association,” Lauder declared. “The Middle East is literally filled with dead from governments’ reaction to the convulsions of the ‘Arab Spring,’ but the American Studies Association singles out the Jewish State, the one Middle Eastern country that shares American values, for opprobrium? No wonder many Americans dismiss the academy as deeply biased and disconnected with reality.“Rather, the ASA should follow the example of the American Association of University Professors, which notes that any such boycott ‘undermines exactly the freedoms one wants to defend, and it takes aim at the wrong target,’” Lauder added.The American Association of University Professors, one of the largest US academic groups, recently reiterated its opposition to boycotts targeting Israel and others. The ASA, a group of scholars who teach American studies, approved the anti-Israel boycott resolution by a 2-to-1 margin in online balloting that concluded Sunday night, with about a quarter of the members voting, according to the New York Times.The vote is the first time the association has boycotted any nation’s universities and only the second such academic boycott of Israel by a group of American scholars. The Association for Asian American Studies endorsed a boycott of Israeli universities in April

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Europe defence

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 17 dicembre 2013

europe defenceThe debate on European defence engaged by the European Council of December 2013 offers the opportunity to clarify the main challenges facing the European Union on the basis of three series of remarks, presented by Elvire Fabry and António Vitorino, calling to:
1. Assess the new strategic context;
2. Move from the safeguard of military capabilities to strategic engagement;
3. Make European voice heard on the use of force
The old dichotomy between territorial defence and external military operations no longer applies. Serious challenges ranging from the fight against terrorism to the securitisation of the sea-lanes can justify external military operations. To avoid a strategic downgrading risk to which the unabated erosion of its military capability is exposing them, Europeans need to engage more in cooperation.
While analysing areas in which more differentiation is necessary to bring Europe’s military capability up to strength, Elvire Fabry and Antonio Vitorino call the chief of State and goverment to clarify the Twenty-Eight’s common strategic interests and the role of the use of force, including via an updating of the European Security Strategy.

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