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MEPs call for an EU roadmap to protect the fundamental rights of LGBTI people

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 24 dicembre 2013

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The EU should set up a “comprehensive multiannual policy” to protect the fundamental rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people, says the Civil Liberties Committee in a resolution adopted on Tuesday. The Commission and member states should also seek to make citizens aware of the rights of LGBTI persons.
In the 2013 EU LGBT survey, the EU Fundamental Rights Agency found that across the EU in the year preceding the survey one in two LGBT respondents felt discriminated against or harassed on grounds of sexual orientation and one in four were physically attacked.MEPs strongly regret that the fundamental rights of LGBTI people are not yet always fully upheld in the EU and call on the Commission, member states and relevant agencies to work jointly on a comprehensive multiannual policy – i.e. a roadmap, a strategy or an action plan – to protect their fundamental rights. The resolution drafted by Ulrike Lunacek (Greens/EFA, AT), adopted with 40 votes in favour, 2 against and 6 abstentions, sets out a draft canvas for such a comprehensive policy.”Legally, the EU is required to combat discrimination when defining and implementing its policies and activities. This legal requirement is already materialised by comprehensive policies in the field of gender equality, disability and Roma integration. It must now be materialised for grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity”, said Ms Lunacek. 14 EU member states have also signed up for this call, she added: “The Commission will not be able to look away anymore”.The resolution puts forward several themes and objectives that should be addressed in the EU roadmap, in areas as employment, education, health, goods and services, families and freedom of movement, freedom of expression, hate crime, actions specific to transgender and intersex persons, asylum, etc. MEPs also call on member states to adopt the horizontal anti-discrimination directive.Crackdown on criminals who distribute counterfeit euro notes and coins
Distributors of fake euro or other currencies could face tougher penalties under a draft EU law voted in the Civil Liberties Committee on Tuesday. It would require EU countries to set a maximum penalty of no less than eight years in jail for distributors – the same as for forgers – and also allow police to use serious-crime tools, such as intercepting communications, to catch the culprits. Fake euros have cost citizens and firms over €500 million since they came into general use in 2002.The euro is one of the three most-used currencies worldwide, making it a target for organised crime groups which specialise in forging money. Innocent citizens and firms currently bear the costs of fake euro, because they are not reimbursed.”Counterfeiting of any currency should be taken as a very serious crime. We all want to see this crime vigorously prosecuted in every country”, said rapporteur Anthea McIntyre (ECR, UK) in a debate in committee.Since 2000, the maximum penalty set by EU law for currency forgers has been no less than eight years’ imprisonment. The new draft law would extend this rule to include fake currency distributors.


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