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President of the Algerian Hydrocarbon Regulatory Authority to speak at the HSE Med 2014 Summit

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 24 dicembre 2013

AHIPAC is active in foreign policy issues affe...

AHIPAC is active in foreign policy issues affecting Cyprus, Greece, Albania, Turkey, and the Republic of Macedonia, among others. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The huge environmental damages caused by the Prestige oil tanker off the Atlantic coast of Spain, back in 2002 and the oil spill that affected the Tunisian coast in 2005, are only a few emblematic examples raising concerns for the safety of the Mediterranean, a closed sea of a huge significance, where an oil and gas accident would prove disastrous for the coast of all Mediterranean countries.
In order to avoid potential accidents that will cause environmental disasters, Algeria is revising its hydrocarbon regulatory framework to better mitigate its industry’s risks (within the hydrocarbon activities) and the President of the Hydrocarbon Regulatory Authority (ARH) of Algeria, M. Tahar Cherif Zerarka will be giving insights at the HSE Med 2014 Summit in this regards.It is indeed acknowledged that, due to the particular geographical configuration of the Basin, should any environmental accident occur this would ultimately have dramatic consequences for the whole coastal countries. Looking for ways to develop a valid HSE policy would thereby not only help to avoid the risk, but also make a major contribution to business success for the Mediterranean oil and gas companies. Risk Management and Emergency Response will be discussed in depth at the HSE Med 2014 Summit, hosted by IRN on 21st-22nd January at the Starhotel Michelangelo in Florence. The senior level platform will include speakers from many of the nations located on the Mediterranean Sea, from France, Greece, Malta, Italy, Croatia, Lebanon to key North African countries, such as Tunisia, Libya and Algeria. Commissioners from the European Commission and Ministers will meet with major IOCs (such as Suncor Energy, GDF Suez, Shell Lebanon), NOCs (such as Libyan NOC, STEG and SEREPT of Tunisia) operating offshore in the Mediterranean to discuss all HSE matters.The HSE Med 2014 Summit is sponsored by MediLink International, and supported by NOSCA, ACIEP, Pôle Mer Méditerranée and the Romanian National Committee of the World Energy Council.


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