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Russia must be considered a trade partner which should not be contained, says Prince Michael of Liechtenstein

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 11 giugno 2014

Putin Views Russian Arms On Display At ExpoRussian President Vladimir Putin could be thanked for the wake-up call he has given Europe, the US and Nato, says Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, founder and chairman of intelligence consultancy Geopolitical Information Service.
Russia’s intervention in Ukraine has underlined that close collaboration between Nato, the United States and Europe is crucial to defence of the West ‘However, this applies only if present Western efforts are sustained, as we hope. But what will happen to Ukraine?’ asks Prince Michael. Ukraine has a new, democratically-elected president who promises to fight corruption and carry out necessary reforms which had been neglected during the corrupt regime of President Viktor Yanukovych which, although democratically elected, had lost all legitimacy through its corruption. ‘Accession and free trade with the EU are the logical response to the promises Ukraine received from the West while fighting inclusion into President Putin’s Eurasian Union. But Ukraine’s economy will also need to continue good trading relations with Russia,’ he says. ‘In solving its economic problems Ukraine would need at least the four freedoms of exchange of people, goods, services and capital and a common market with the EU. This could also open privileged trading opportunities with Russia, as Russia also needs to trade with the EU.’ Russia must not be considered an adversary of the West, but as a trade partner which should not be contained. ‘Ukraine’s economy will not improve in a sustainable way, and expectations will be disappointed leading to increased destabilisation, unless the EU offers the four freedoms to Ukraine in due course and drops the visa obligation in the short term. A result of maintaining the borders between the EU and Ukraine to people, goods and services could be that it forces Ukraine to move closer to Russia,’ says Prince Michael. ‘This could provide Mr Putin with the opportunity to say, ‘Thank you EU.’’



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