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More than 60 government​s back 100% reliance on clean, renewable energy

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 15 giugno 2014

climate_changeBonn. During two weeks of UN climate talks in Bonn more than 60 countries expressed their support for phasing out dependence on coal, oil and gas that are driving global warming, and relying instead entirely on renewable energy by the middle of the century. Backing for a transformation of the world’s energy system away from fossil fuels is the first sign that governments may finally be prepared to act on scientific conclusions from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that they accepted in April. Martin Kaiser, Head of International Climate Politics for Greenpeace said, “It’s a major breakthrough that almost one third of the world’s governments acknowledge that we have to switch from fossil fuels to clean energy in the space of one human generation. It is achievable – technology isn’t the problem. Governments can and must now act at the national level while they continue to hammer out the details of a binding new international climate treaty.” Despite the growing international enthusiasm for clean energy the Bonn talks ended with little detailed progress being achieved, despite an announcement by the United States that they will limit carbon emissions from coal burning and hopes that China will shortly toughen up its restrictions on coal use. China and the US are the leading carbon polluters. It is now up to Heads of State who have been invited by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon for a one-day Climate Summit in New York, in September, to deliver concrete measures against carbon pollution by supporting the drive for clean energy. “In New York, Heads of State must cement the objective that the world´s energy needs must be met by clean, renewable energy by the middle of this century, and give the green light to an action plan,” said Martin Kaiser. “It’s time they stopped subsidising coal, oil and gas companies with taxpayers’ money and instead backed the booming clean energy industry. That’s where new jobs and prosperity will come from.” “France, Germany, Japan, South Korea and other OECD countries must also stop financing foreign coal-fired power plants through development banks and export credits and shift these investments towards renewable energies,” said Kaiser. “Burning fossil fuels not only causes serious air pollution and health problems but is also accelerating global warming. The world`s ice sheets are melting at an alarming rate. Yet Australia, Canada, Japan and Poland want to rely on highly polluting coal-fired power plants and oil for the next few decades,” said Kaiser. “This is madness.”Kaiser said: “If the US, the EU and other rich nations provide the Green Climate Fund with around $15 billion, this will help unlock the climate negotiations.(2) Ensuring that all major carbon polluters including the US, China, India and Brazil table tough medium-term targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions by the promised date of March 2015 is also an essential part of the equation.”During the meeting in Bonn, civil society groups criticised the EU’s climate negotiations in Brussels. Martin Kaiser said, “It is ridiculous that leaders like Merkel, Hollande, Tusk and Cameron are proposing weak climate and renewable energy targets while at the same time complaining about Europe’s dependence on imported fossil fuels. Ambitious cuts in carbon emissions based on ramping up renewable energy supply and greater energy efficiency are the key to energy security for Europe, and point the way internationally.”



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