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Dava Pharmaceuticals Buy Fortifies Endo International’s Generics Presence, says GlobalData Analyst

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 26 giugno 2014

davaLONDON, UK (GlobalData) Aparna Krishnan, MS, GlobalData’s Analyst covering Healthcare Industry Dynamics, says:“Endo International announced its acquisition of generic drug producer Dava Pharmaceuticals for $600 million. The move will significantly boost Endo International’s presence in the $200 billion global generics market by adding 13 marketed products and 25 pipeline products. This is Endo’s third acquisition in the generics market following Qualitest in 2010 and South African firm Boca Pharmacal in early 2014.“The strategic buyout helps strengthen Endo’s corporate position as an integrated pharmaceutical and healthcare solutions provider. Significantly, Endo International accelerated its expansion strategy in 2013, primarily through inorganic means, adding assets to aid its geographical and therapeutic presence. The Dava Pharma buyout is the second largest in value at $600 million after Paladin Labs in 2013 for $1.6 billion.“Dava Pharma’s inclusion into Endo International’s group of subsidiaries is likely to trigger streamlining attempts, mostly involving Qualitest. The target firm’s strong product marketing in the US will add to Endo’s domestic generic sales, which stood at $212 million in the first quarter of 2014. The purchase of Dava Pharma will help Endo to achieve its full year 2014 revenue target of $2.55-2.64 billion.”


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Un nouveau président, pour quoi faire?

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 26 giugno 2014

consiglio europeoNotre président, António Vitorino, prend position sur les principaux enjeux du Conseil européen des 26 et 27 juin 2014, lors d’un entretien portant sur les questions suivantes :
1. Pensez-vous que le programme d’action de l’UE à l’horizon 2019 doit faire l’objet d’un traitement particulier au cours de ce Conseil européen ?
2. Le Conseil européen est appelé à proposer au Parlement européen un candidat à la présidence de la Commission : quelle est votre position sur ce registre ?
3. Le Conseil européen va clôturer un nouveau « semestre européen » et évoquer les perspectives de croissance et d’emploi : quels sont les priorités sur ce registre ?
4. Le Conseil européen est appelé à adopter de nouvelles orientations en matière de liberté, sécurité et de justice : quelles sont vos recommandations, notamment en matière migratoire ?
5. Quels sont à votre avis les principaux messages que le Conseil européen doit formuler à propos de la situation en Ukraine ?
Our president, António Vitorino, takes a stand on the main issues of the European Council of 26-27 June 2014 in an interview on the following issues:
1. Do you think that the EU action plan up to the year 2019 should receive special focus during this European Council?
2. The European Council is called upon to propose a candidate for Commission president to the European Parliament. What is your position in this respect?
3. The European Council will bring a new “European semester” to a close and outline perspectives for growth and employment: what are the priorities in this respect?
4. The European Council is called upon to adopt new directions in terms of freedom, security and justice: what are your recommendations, particularly in the field of migration?
5. In your opinion, what are the main messages that the European Council should formulate in relation to the situation in Ukraine?


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