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ComUnity.Pro PR network appoints international Board of Directors & launches global 2.0 PR Strategy

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 18 settembre 2014

Brussels,Bruxelles ComUnity.Pro, the unique and independent network of top experienced and well-established local PR consultancies headquartered in Brussels, at the heart of Europe, is proud to announce the appointment of its Board of Directors.
Elected during the 3rd Annual Meeting of the network in Athens, Greece, its members are top senior executives and founders of their respective agencies across Europe and the near-East. Their tasks will mainly be to unify and individualise the different market approaches, as well as promote the network to both profit and non-profit making organisations and institutions. In addition the Board is developing a unique social media package offer, enabling customers to share their messages in the most efficient and cost-effective manner towards their target social communities. President: Marc Henri De Bruyne (@VademecomPR), Founder of VADEMECOM and of the PR Network ComUnity.Pro, Belux
Director of Business Development: Rose Ross (@Rose_at_O), Founder of Omarketing Limited, United Kingdom
Director of Treasury: Marie Elise Adriansens (@MEAdriansens), Partner & Head of Events, VADEMECOM, Belux
Director of Branding & Communications: Ana Velez (@VALKIRIAS_PR), Founding Partner of VALKIRIA’S Consultores, Portugal
Director of Social Media Services: Charly Lammers van Toorenburg (@CharlyLVT), Founder of LVT Benelux PR, The Netherlands
Director of Social Media Services: Baris Topus (@baristopuz), Founding Partner of C2A, Turkey“Since its foundation 5 years ago, our network has thrived, gaining new business on a regular and growing basis thanks to our transparent ‘Pay as You PR’ philosophy”, explains Mr. De Bruyne, President of ComUnity.Pro. “This unique way of working allows our happy customers to only pay for successfully completed agreed actions, not for the time it takes to achieve them. We are now bringing the network to a next level, by proposing an even more complete, unified and strong pioneering offer to meet the evolving needs of the market on local as well as international scenes.” Specialised in high-tech and innovation, ComUnity.Pro is active in more than 30 countries and is constantly expanding its expertise geographically in order to serve its clients with the same quality in other locations across the world. ComUnity.Pro is currently developing activities in Ireland, Brazil, North and South Africa, Israel and the Gulf Region, as well as bilateral agreements with Asia Pacific networks. The network moreover offers the advantage of a single point of contact. Its partners specialize in strategic communication in all major economic sectors worldwide and are carefully selected by the most neutral jury possible, that is to say influential journalists within their own country.


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