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Aurelio Amendola will be in attendance

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 2 ottobre 2014

6michelangelo_amendola_bisArt Gallery of Ontario (October 18 – January 11) Opening reception: Wednesday, October 1, 2014 – 6:30pm – 8:30pm Aurelio Amendola will be in attendance. Istituto Italiano di Cultura – 496 Huron Street, Toronto Free admission
The 36 black-and-white photographs of Aurelio Amendola capture in unexpected ways the sensuality and tragic force emanating from the statues carved by Michelangelo. His lens seems to coincide and overlap with the sculptor’s eye at the moment of observing the different angles of the marble surface. From the Dying Slave of the Louvre, to the statues of Sagrestia Nuova of San Lorenzo, to the Pietà Rondanini of Milano, to the Crouching Boy of St. Petersburg, Amendola offers a sophisticated and unexpectedly new vision of Michelangelo’s works, by being able to capture every little sign left by the artist in creating his work.
Over his long career as art photographer, Pistoia native Aurelio Amendola has developed a special sensibility for the world of sculpture, by documenting the works of Jacopo Della Quercia, Michelangelo and Donatello, and by illustrating single works and monuments such as the Pistoiese pulpit of Giovanni Pisano, the Robbiano Frieze at the Ospedale del Ceppo, also in Pistoia, Santa Maria della Spina and the Battistero in Pisa, St. Peter’s in the Vatican. This last work, the first of a series dedicated to the great themes of Italian art visited according to the photographer’s personal outlook, presents a completely new iconography, calibrated on the “taglio”: by taking advantage of a rare occasion of a contact without restraint with Bernini monuments, Amendola is able to capture the most unexpected and detailed point of view. This becomes his artistic style in many of his subsequent works. In 1994 his book Un occhio su Michelangelo – dedicated to the Medici Chapel in San Lorenzo, Florence – won the “Premio Oscar Goldoni.” In 1995 an exhibition on this same theme was organized in Milan at the Palazzo Reale by the City’s Administration. In 1997 he was awarded the “Cino da Pistoia,” a prestigious career prize. In 2014, 23 of his large-format photographs of Michelangelo’s sculptures have been exhibited at the Medici Chapels in Florence to commemorate 450 years of the great Renaissance artist’s death. On the occasion the publishing house UTET Grandi Opere-FMR published the precious limited-edition volume Michelangelo, la dotta mano, featuring 83 photographs of Aurelio Amendola. Contemporary art represents the opposite pole of great interest for Amendola, who through the years has been able to collect a true gallery of portraits, comprising the most renowned masters of the twentieth century like De Chirico, Lichtenstein, Pomodoro, Schifano, Kosuth, Warhol, to name but a few. This collection, which is daily refreshed with unaltered passion, updating the names and the most cutting-edge artistic trends, acquires special cultural and human value thanks to the long friendships between the photographer and the artists. To Amendola’s work we owe the many monographs dedicated to the most famous contemporary sculptors and painters, including Mario Marini, Burri, Manzù, Fabbri, Ceroli, Vangi, Kounellis. At the Fondazione Pomodoro there are some of the most symbolic portrait pictures of the Maestro from Pistoia on view. In 2007 he was the first artist to have an exhibition at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. In May 2014 the Triennale of Milano dedicated to him a retrospective In atelier – Aurelio Amendola: fotografie 1970 – 2014.


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