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Paul Okoye asks ‘How Safe Is Our Investment’

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 24 ottobre 2014

niger-salt-laborerBOLOGNA, Italy – “Investment is the life wire of every economy,” says author Paul Okoye. He notes that, in the present, the unstable financial and economic environment and the hardships that come with investment failure makes it a worthy endeavor to educate people about investments and world economics. He sets out to do just that with his book, “How Safe Is Our Investment” (published by AuthorHouse UK).This book takes a global view of the causes and failure of investment with particular attention to the human factor. This book is an attempt to create awareness concerning the investment failure and suggests corrective and curative measures. Okoye also makes an attempt to create awareness concerning the world’s ever increasing debt. “Unfortunately, the people who run our economy and investments lack the courage, wisdom and will to take appropriate or corrective measures to salvage the turbulent environment our investment exists in,” says Okoye. Democracy has not helped in this dimension. Fresh from the global financial crisis and still reeling from its far-reaching consequences, “How Safe Is Our Investment” presents a provocative take on how the world’s economies ought to tackle the looming issue economic instability.
Paul Okoye is from the eastern part of Niger — precisely Awkuzu, in Anambra State of Nigeria. Born in the city of Onitsha to moderate parents, he was educated at St. Raphael Catholic School and Boy’s Secondary School, Awkuzu, during which he was transformed by the radical teachings of his dean of study, Mr. Obadiegwu. Trained in business administration in the United Kingdom and Switzerland, he holds a BBA from London, a PGD from Zurich, and an MBA from the University of Wales. (niger)

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MEPs ask for further details of EU-wide police crackdown on clandestine migrants

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 24 ottobre 2014

african_migrants.jpg.crop_displayConcerns about how to reconcile the fundamental rights and non-discrimination of migrants with the need to gather information to dismantle criminal networks profiting from trafficking were the key points raised by MEPs in Wednesday evening’s debate with the Italian Presidency of the Council, represented by Benedetto Della Vedova, on the EU-wide police crackdown on clandestine migrants “Mos Maiorum”.MEPs called for more information on the joint police operation initiated by the Italian Presidency of the Council, the role of the EU border check management agency Frontex, and what happens to the people who are apprehended. They urged the Presidency to return to Parliament to present the results of the operation. Many MEPs stressed the need for a system of legal immigration and noted that the existence of such an operation shows the insufficiency of the Dublin regulations (which determine which EU country must process asylum applications) and questioned whether such ad hoc operations are the right tools to solve irregular migration. Many MEPs stressed that northern EU countries should show more solidarity with those on the southern borders, and some called for more stringent border checks.

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The sale of important works from the Maximilian Schell Estate

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 24 ottobre 2014

Maximilian Schell EstateAmsterdam/London/Paris – Christie’s is honored to be entrusted with the sale of important works from the Maximilian Schell Estate. The recently deceased Oscar winning Austrian actor, internationally acclaimed director, writer and producer Maximilian Schell had been dedicated to the arts throughout his life. Born to parents, who fostered close friendships with contemporary painters, Schell started collecting as a young adult and built an impressive collection including works by Paul Klee, Mark Rothko, Jean Dubuffet and, from the early 1970s onwards, Josef Albers. From the moment Maximilian Schell encountered the work of the former member of the Bauhaus group, then teacher of the Black Mountain College and Yale Josef Albers at the Sidney Janis Gallery in New York, he was captivated by the artist’s experimentation with color. Josef Albers’ commitment to attaining perfection aligned with Maximilian Schell’s own and, introduced by Sidney Janis, they entered a unique friendship that would last until Albers’ death in 1976. Maximilian Schell, who avoided the fashionable in search of timeless masterpieces, which is rare to meet, amassed a collection of unique quality and integrity, which also became the largest private collection of works by Josef Albers formed during the artist’s lifetime. Christie’s will offer the 45 works from the Maximilian Schell Estate across five sales during November and December 2014 in Amsterdam, London and Paris. The main part will be included in Christie’s Amsterdam Post-War and Contemporary Art evening and day sales on 4 & 5 November 2014, further works will be offered in the Amsterdam sales Old Masters and 19th Century Art – including Dutch impressionism on 26 November 2014 as well as Modern Art on 16 December 2014; in London Christie’s will auction two autographs from the Schell Estate in its 25 November Books and Manuscripts sale and finally two works in the Tribal Art sale on 11 December 2014 in Paris.

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IS fighters returning to EU: MEPs debate how to prevent internal security threat

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 24 ottobre 2014

terroristiConcerns over the possible threats to the EU’s internal security posed by Europeans returning home after fighting for the so-called “Islamic State” (IS) were raised by MEPs in a debate on Wednesday. Some called for a swift approval of the EU Passenger Name Record (PNR) proposal to better detect potential terrorists entering or leaving the EU. Most stressed, however, that all measures taken by the EU to tackle this problem must respect fundamental rights.MEPs were divided on the possible withdrawal of EU citizenship from the foreign fighters of European origin, with some stressing that the priority should be prosecuting them as criminals.Some MEPs called for a swift approval of the EU Passenger Name Record (PNR) proposal, which would oblige air carriers to provide EU countries with the data of passengers entering or leaving the EU to enable these countries to prevent, detect, investigate and prosecute serious crime and terrorist offences.Most MEPs stressed, however, that all measures taken by the EU to tackle this problem must respect fundamental rights.The causes prompting young people to join the IS (including unemployment and poor working conditions) also need to be addressed, they added. The stigmatisation of certain groups should also be avoided.Kobane: MEPs criticise Turkey and urge EU to do more to prevent a massacre. In a separate debate, MEPs stressed that preventing a massacre of the civilian population of the Syrian city of Kobane must be the first priority in the international community’s fight against IS. They also criticised Turkey’s inaction in the face of the threat and deplored the lack of a genuine EU strategy for the region.Many MEPs insisted that Turkey, as an EU candidate country, should align its foreign policy much more closely with that of the EU. They regretted that Turkey’s decision to allow Kurdish Peshmergas to cross its territory in order to fight for Kobane was „too little too late“. While recognising Turkey’s positive attitude in welcoming thousands of refugees from Syria, the majority of MEPs who spoke called on the EU to step up pressure on Turkey to act to prevent a massacre in Kobane.Many also said that the EU lacks a joint vision and strategy to combat terrorist groups in the whole of the Middle East and deplored the failure of EU member states to coordinate their efforts more closely.

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Istituita una Delegazione dell’Organizzazione Mondiale per le Relazioni Internazionali presso la Santa Sede

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 24 ottobre 2014

Piazza san pietroLa World Organization for International Relations (, riconoscendo l’importante ruolo internazionale della Santa Sede, ha deciso di istituire una Delegazione presso il Vaticano. Con questa scelta l’Organizzazione Mondiale per le Relazioni Internazionali (WOIR), fondata nel 1978 e accreditata presso il Dipartimento delle Nazioni Unite per gli Affari Economici e Sociali (ESANGO), ha voluto riconoscere l’importante ruolo e il contributo essenziale del Vaticano nell’affrontare i grandi problemi del pianeta e dell’umanità e ha così deciso di continuare a estendere la sua presenza nel mondo proprio a partire dalla nuova Delegazione per il Vaticano.«Fedele alla sua storia e ai suoi principi fondamentali, la WOIR avvierà dunque un dialogo con la Santa Sede al servizio della pace, della giustizia, della solidarietà e della dignità dell’uomo» ha commentato il Segretario Generale della WOIR, mettendo l’accento sull’enorme potenziale della Chiesa nell’affrontare e risolvere i problemi che oggi affliggono il mondo.Un enorme potenziale che ben si concilia con i principi stessi della WOIR i cui scopi statutari prioritari prevedono lo sviluppo delle relazioni amichevoli tra le nazioni basate sul rispetto del principio dell’uguaglianza dei diritti e dell’autodeterminazione dei popoli, la promozione della cooperazione internazionale nella soluzione dei problemi di carattere economico, sociale, culturale o umanitario e la promozione del rispetto dei diritti dell’uomo e delle libertà fondamentali per tutti senza distinzione di razza, sesso, lingua o religione.«Con il passare degli anni le priorità della WOIR hanno iniziato a includere sempre di più gli aspetti politici e diplomatici delle relazioni. Con la decisione di istituire una Delegazione presso la Santa Sede, abbiamo voluto riconoscere il ruolo centrale del Vaticano nel fare fronte alle tante emergenze che il mondo si trova oggi ad affrontare» aggiunge il Segretario Generale della World Organization for International Relations, che per la migliore riuscita dei propri scopi statutari si propone ora di rafforzare progressivamente lo sviluppo del proprio Servizio Esterno.L’istituzione di nuove Delegazioni consentirà -come previsto dallo statuto della WOIR ( di aprire un maggiore dialogo e rafforzare la cooperazione con Stati, Governi, Rappresentanze Diplomatiche, Organizzazioni Governative e altre organizzazioni simili, governative e non governative, per incoraggiare la cooperazione internazionale e promuovere misure efficaci per rafforzare la pace universale e la sicurezza internazionale.

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